Why being pregnant with amnesia is so romantic

The Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress (Silhouette Desire) ♥♥♥


Chrysander Anetakis is a Greek hotel magnate who found out his former mistress is pregnant and she has amnesia. While he does not forgive her for betraying his trust and selling company secrets, he wants his child. So since she does not remember anything, he does not tell her that they broke up months ago. Instead he tells her that she is his fiancée. Now he has to pretend they were happy before the “accident” that caused her amnesia.

Marley is pregnant and scared. There is a stranger named Chrysander Anetakis telling her that they are engaged. While she cannot remember anything besides her name, she has a feeling in her gut that there is something not quite right about their relationship.


This is not the first time that I have read of the hero using amnesia as a reset for the relationship. I do not understand why though because they act as if the amnesia is not going to eventually be cleared. Once that happens, the woman/love interest discounts everything up until that point as a lie.

As a side thought: Chrysander was grimy for sleeping with Marley when he was supposed to be disgusted with her.

For that in itself, he should have come clean.

It bothered me that Chrysander had niggling doubts about Marley’s guilt, but he did nothing to try to investigate what else could prove her guilt or innocence. He thought that “Marley’s eyes looked innocent,” but he refused to acknowledge the potential truth in that. Then when he actually thought about it, it took 2 seconds for him to identify the culprit. The villain confessed in even less time.

It was as if Chrysander was saying, “Even though you were savvy enough to devise a plot that implicated my girlfriend, let me trick you into confessing to orchestrating the company sabotage that cost me and brothers billions of dollars.”

The villain was like, “Ooops My bad”.

I did like that Marley tried to be as perceptive as possible to figure out her situation. She was suspicious and she had every right to be. Kudos to her for calling out Chrysander on his bi-polar behavior. He was trying to act loving but be standoffish at the same time.

Chrysander’s response “Don’t mistake my hesitation for disinterest” made no sense though.

No wonder she was confused.

While she did not have anywhere to go, I like that she did not ignore what her subconscious was trying to tell her.

The more he talked, the less desirous she was for marriage.”

When she her memory came back and she remember the truth, her breakdown was so painful. I knew it was coming but it hurt me to read about it and I have never been pregnant.

Random question that has been bugging me the entire book: How did she understand his Greek endearing expressions with her amnesia if it was the first he used them?


In the end, I think that she forgave too quickly considering all that she had been through. Truth be known, I am probably too vindictive. While Maya Banks’ pregnant heroine has to suffer a lot of trauma, the reader infers that the hero is suitably chastened to put the love of his life on a pedestal and never let anything else happen to her ever again.

Overall, The Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress was okay. All is well that ends well, I suppose. This is not a life-changing, in-depth novel that will solve the problems of the world. It is a time filler. If you need something to read with characters that are not over-the-top annoying, this fits that bill.



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