Love in all the wrong places- Book one in the LA series

Love in All the Wrong Places (Love in L.A.)


Annie has been unlucky in love her whole life. She decides to try to find someone by posting an ad of Craigslist.

She meets Gabe, a real estate agent. When that does not work out, she meets Nate, a social worker.

After these two guys, she is left wondering what she is doing wrong because both relationships failed.

By 85% of the book (I have a Kindle so I do not know page numbers) , she meets Casey, a dancer (not the exotic kind).  The book ends with him asking Annie on a date.


I was so distracted by the cover that I missed the fact that this was not a complete story. It ends with a cliffhanger.

But since that was my own fault, I am not going to downgrade my rating on that.

Here is how I describe the main characters of the book **WITH SPOILERS**

Gabe – Douche who breaks it off with Annie to go back to his pregnant girlfriend

Nate – Flake who disappears after their first time together

Annie – Desperate to be in a relationship that she makes a lot of bad partner decisions. Most importantly for Annie, she needs to stop sleeping with these guys on the first date. She is so sure that the relationship is going to to work and when it does not, she is surprised. This girl needs to stop jumping in bed with every guy that smiles at her. If she would take the physical part of the relationship out of the equation, then she could spend quality time with the guy and get to know him.

Annie wants to do online dating but somehow paying for a reputable dating service seems more desperate to her than posting on Craigslist. Talk about twisted logic. Give me e-harmony or over Craigslist any day. Ok Cupid is probably better than Craigslist and my friend said there are a lot of creepers on there too.

This book was not romance. It was plain old fiction. In my opinion, it reads like a few “Sex in the City” episodes mashed together.

Three strikes against this book as a romance because (1) it is not complete (2) Annie is not someone I liked (3) no hero is clearly identified. I feel sorry for her because she was not in any emotional position to be in a healthy relationship. She needs to grow and mature. Maybe she will in the following books in the series, but I am not willing to bet my time on her character evolution. I am more of a cut-my-losses-and-run type of girl.

Should you buy? Pass unless you like reading about women having lots of one night stands while trying to figure out what went wrong the day after.



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