Feb 2015 Photo blogging challenge: Winter

The theme for February from http://hoohaablog.com/ was winter.

I thought our winter was mild so I did not expect to have pictures of ICE! The weather in February was as bi-polar as it could be. One day it was 10 degrees. Three days later it was 60 degrees. Talk about confusing.

Every February for the last few years, I have participated in a 5k race called Run Your Ice Off. After months of inactivity, I shook off the icicles and ran. This year, I finished just under 48 minutes. Considering I did not train, I think that is pretty good.

img 7330


There was an ice storm the second week of February. Trees and power lines were covered in ice. Our power was out for about 36 hours. It was like camping. Haha. Hubby heated up water for our baths and used the gas grill to cook our dinner. He is so good. Thankfully, we did not have to endure too much time without power. Thanks Duke Energy!

img 7429

Ice storm

Hubby came out of photography retirement to take pictures at a wedding. Only a friend would be able to coax him into dusting off the lens. While he was working, I captured a few shots with my iphone. This is a shot of the bridal bouquet.

Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

The day of the wedding, I had to show what the temperature was. Keep in mind earlier in the week it was 10 degrees!!!!

Snapchat selfie

Snapchat selfie

The last day of the month was the day of the midwinter ball. This is an elegant black tie affair and fundraiser for a local non-profit. The who’s-who of Greenwood attend in their glamorous attire. I was able to attend because my job had tickets. The hubby did not go because he does not like to dress up. So my plus one was my friend Dawn. In keeping with the theme, there was Indian cuisine and a special Bollywood style dance. It was a fun night with dancing into the wee hours.

Midwinter ball

Midwinter ball



11 thoughts on “Feb 2015 Photo blogging challenge: Winter

  1. My part of the world also tends to have wild temperature swings, so I totally get the challenges that come with having to plan your clothing for a day that starts out well below freezing and ends feeling like spring! You are positively positive about the 36-hour power outage! My thoughts would immediately go to things like everything thawing in the deep freeze, how I’d keep the water pipes in the house from freezing up, etc. Not sure I’d think to go out and photograph ice-crusted pine needles, but they seem like the perfect reminder of your at home camping experience!


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