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Touched By Midas (SEALs Going Hot Book 4) ♥♥


Michael (Midas) is a Navy Seal that is very superstitious. He sees lucky signs in everything. He credits his routines before missions with keeping his team safe.

Angie is a teacher at the Naval Station in Rota Spain. She will not give Midas the time of day. The more she shows her disdain, the more he wants her in his bed.

When Midas’ team members bet he cannot date her, he pulls out all the stops to charm her. If Midas wins the bet, his team members promise not to give him any grumbling when he forces them to follow his lucky routines. Little does Midas know, Angie resists him because of her secret identity.

If she could get to the point where she really trusted him, she would reveal her identity.”


Midas seemed to be a sweet, sincere guy, but I kept thinking that the only reason why he was mesmerized by Angie was because she made him chase her. While his quirks humanized him, they also detracted from his hotness. He went from being HOT to CUTE. Both are good, but, for me, it’s the difference between a book boyfriend and a book guy friend.

I just believed I friendzoned Midas.

I think that the author wants the reader to believe that Angie was this reformed wild child. I had a hard time believing she had been into anything so kinky it made her a “bad girl”. I guess I am jaded when it comes to kink. Angie so melodramatic, I thought she needed to chill.

Many of the elements of the story were predictable

  • Angie’s secret was not as radical as she hyped it up to be
  • Insta-romance: From hate to love in a week
  • Angie flips out over the bet – LOL no brainer there

The story was cute, but I was expecting better. I read Dagger’s Edge (by the same author) and was thinking that this book would have similar energy. I like that it was a romance featuring a SEAL but it was not steamy as I was anticipating.

Should you buy? It is light reading, without a complicated plot or conflict. In the course of a week, Angie and Midas decide they are in love but that is almost derailed when she finds out about the bet. Nothing new in the plot but sometimes (if you are like me) you might want to read something without too many surprises.


Book details from Goodreads
Kindle Edition
Published August 14th 2014 by The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
94 pages
Series SEALs Going Hot

Available on Amazon


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