Sometimes, the girl makes the first move

I put three of the SEALS On Fire team Arapaho stories together because the plot composition followed the same format.

In Dagger’s Edge, Jagger’s Moves, and Touching Ghost, the women have crushed on the guys for a long time and make the first move because they are tired of wondering “what if”.

Dagger’s Edge ♥♥♥
SEAL Dean (team name Dagger) promised his best friend Brice he would check on his sister Mia while in Key West on vacation leave. Dean has had a crush on Mia for years, but never made a move because she was his best friend’s little sister.

Mia has wanted Dean for close to 20 years but could not get him to pay her any attention. She is trying to seduce him before she gives up. She has obsessed over him for so long, that she wants to get him out of her system so that she can move on.

Dean tries to put of a fight but the temptation of what Mia is offering is too much to resist.

Jagger’s Moves ♥♥♥
Tyler (team name Jagger) and Alexa were childhood friends who reconnect after many years. Tyler is picking Alexa up from the airport because she is attending a work conference in Key West. Tyler sees this sexy woman get off the plane and is shocked to know that is his childhood buddy. She bloomed and filled out in all the right places.

Alexa is determined to hook up with Tyler and get him out of her system. She had a crush on him ages ago and she is going to make a move since he will not. She figures that the worse that could happen is that he turns her down.

When they finally come up for air, Tyler decides that he has more permanent plans for their relationship if Alexa will have him.

Touching Ghost ♥♥♥
Ren (team name Ghost) meets up with his longtime friend Sadie to catch up for old time’s sake. While Ren does not think that he is worthy of Sadie’s affection, she has other plans. After a trip down memory lane over dinner, Ren escorts Sadie to her room. Using all the courage she had, Sadie asks Ren to kiss her.

That was as combustible as a lit match at a gas station.


In Jagger’s Moves, I did like the airport scene. Hilarious. Jagger did not know whether to be territorial or what.

While Dean (team name Dagger) is worried about what his friend is going to say, I think that Brice would probably say it was about time. The story does mainly focus on Dean’s commitment phobia. Being a military man like his father, he does not want to turn out like his father who abandoned his wife and son. These are valid thoughts that he has to mull over before making a life changing decision.

I think of the three, I liked Ren and Sadie’s story in Touching Ghost the most. Ren was very vulnerable emotionally and tried to cover over his true feelings. It was only when Sadie called him out that he admitted the truth. The way she did it made me smile.

Overall, these are fun short stories about people who loved each other forever and are finally hooking up. Although these are Alpha men, it is interesting that they did not think they were worthy to start a relationship with the girl. Each girl did not hook up with the intention of it being long term, but wanted something physical for one night. Since the relationship foundation was already there, the romance did not need much to blossom. I like romances between friends since I married my best friend. I know firsthand that it CAN happen. I did not make the first move like these girls, but sometimes men need an overt sign to let them know they will not be shot down if they try.

As with the rest of the books in this series, these novellas are HOT with plenty of steamy (graphic) love scenes. Once the main characters meet, it is one love scene after another. These mature adult stories are not for anyone with delicate sensibilities.


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