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This Foodie Friday is about City Scape Winery!

City Scape is a winery making wines in the Upstate. They like to say that they are “Greenville County’s premier winery”. Actually, they are located in Pelzer. Not where you would think to go for a wine tasting. I found them on Groupon. Follow the GPS and make sure the gas tank is full because they are deep in the country. But once there, the tasting is worth the trip.

As you can tell from my notes below, their wine flavors run the gamut so there is something for everyone.

Tasting Room Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (if you have a group, call ahead to make sure they will have room to serve you)

Of the 9 different wines that I tried during the wine tasting, here are my notes

Uptown White – Dry, light. I consider this to be a standard white dinner wine.

Pineapple Riesling – Very sweet almost like a nectar. Would go well in a fruit punch drink.

Carolina Charm – Sweet tea flavored, does not taste like wine. I prefer unsweet tea, so this was too sweet.

Green Apply Gewurz – Refreshing, crisp flavors. I could taste hints of the apple. This was more tart than sweet for me.

Upstate Blush – Smells pretty, but not as sweet as I anticipated

Raspberry White Zinfandel – Smells like cotton candy, tastes like berries

Urban Red – Dry, strong flavor, heavy on the tongue

Downtown Red – Tart, dry, strong

Palmetto Red – Dry, smells like muscadines

Favorite from the tasting: Raspberry White Zinfandel

The reds were too dry for me. Most of the whites were light but not very sweet.



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