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Unforgettable: Enticed by His Forgotten Lover\Wanted by Her Lost Love (Harlequin Bestseller)



Rafael lost his memory after a place crash. Months later, Bryony shows up and tells him that she is pregnant with his child. She says that they were madly in love, but he cannot remember any of it.


This is a Harlequin Desire book from Maya Banks’ series “Pregnancy and Passion”. I read another one Maya Banks’ books but in that story the pregnant woman had amnesia. I knew when Rafeal got his memory back, things would either go very well OR very badly. Considering the author, I was not optimistic. She puts a pregnant women through a lot of stress, but by the end, they amazingly still deliver healthy babies.


Harlequin might get in a snit about my next comment, but I do not expect much character development from their novels. It is a straightforward equation: HERO + HEROINE + CONFLICT = HEA

I could pick this story apart because it was predictable, but honestly, I needed this type of book. Over the last few weeks, I bought a lot of duds. Getting a book from a series and author that I am familiar with seemed like a good way to break the cycle of really bad books.

Yes, the story line was cheesy with the pregnant heroine trope but it works. It was not over the top ridiculous. Who can resist rooting for the pregnant woman to get with her baby’s father? Even if she gives him a black eye in the first chapter because she thought he was a total jerk.

I read “Wanted by her lost love” months ago. In comparison, this was not as angsty, but it has mild drama. Seems he needed the plane crash in order for him to reevaluate his priorities.

Should you buy? Sure! It is entertaining. The romance is predictable but there were not many times that I rolled my eyes because it was so bad.

Book details from Amazon (sold with Wanted by Her Lost Love)
File Size: 1107 KB
Print Length: 442 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Special Releases (January 19, 2015)

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