Solstice Burn by Kym Grosso #instaromance #RomanceNovella

Solstice Burn by Kym Grosso



Penny is on vacation in a tropical location after breaking up with her cheating boyfriend. Chase rescues Penny when she gets a little claustrophobic while snorkeling. There is attraction, but they both know it cannot continue when they return home. He lives in San Diego and she lives in New York.

So what else is left to do?

Enjoy vacation and act out every fantasy.


This is a typical vacation fling romance. Penny is done being safe and is throwing caution the wind by having a sleeping with a stranger on the first date (well little sleeping was actually done).

Chase is a thrill seeker trying to push Penny past her limits, supposedly for her own good. For the sake of the story line, the impression is that Penny was too cautious. Played it too safe. I agree she needed to work on her work-life balance, but what is wrong with wanting to look before leaping?

Chase wants Penny to trust him. Why should she? They just met. He is attracted to her body but that does not mean she should grant him so many liberties. At least they used condoms. If he had said something like “I’m clean”, I think I would have screamed and quit reading.

In the end, I was less than satisfied because I had already worked myself into a state of overly concern for Penny’s choices.

I felt that she was doing too much on the rebound. Without giving away the ending, I think some might find it romantic but I thought Chase needed to make more concessions. I have no idea what that might be, but I was grumpy by that point. He was not doing enough to prove his love to me.

Should you buy? I do not know. Others will probably say this book is fine. I think I am being overly critical. The last few books I have read have been cheesy and I think I am getting fed up with the insta-romance, falling deeply in love in a few days for no good reason.

Book details from Goodreads
Print Length: 110 pages
Publisher: MT Carvin Publishing, LLC (June 24, 2015)
Publication Date: June 24, 2015

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2 thoughts on “Solstice Burn by Kym Grosso #instaromance #RomanceNovella

  1. There are some books labeled as “romances”, but they read like porn. I think a lot of the sex scenes are included for no other reason than to push sales, and without them no one would pay a nickel for the book. Because of its lack of plot and character development, I’m guessing ‘Solstice Burn’ was self-published. I wish her the best with her writing, but I doubt she’ll write anything I’d read.
    I’m almost afraid to see you’re review of my work.


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