The Surrogate’s Secret #contemporaryromance

The Surrogate’s Secret



Miguel is a confirmed bachelor but decides to marry the surrogate of his brother’s children so that he can take them to Chile. His mom is extremely sick and he thinks that she needs grandbabies to give her the will to live.

Sheri was planning to give her twin babies to her best friend since she was the surrogate. When an unfortunate accident claims their lives, Sheri raises the children as her own. No one is going to take them away from her. Not even their wealthy, handsome uncle. She cannot let him find out her secret; otherwise he will have the leverage he needs to potentially win custody.


This book is all about misunderstandings. There was one major misunderstanding from the beginning that affects the way that Miguel treats Sheri. She reacts to his treatment in a way that would logically be expected.

Sheri had no illusions of romance in the beginning. In fact, Miguel strong armed her into marriage but then tried to dress up the proposal by saying:

“Just so you know I find you very attractive.
I’ll be the best husband I know how to be if you’ll be upfront with me about your wants and needs.”

All he wanted was honesty. Sheri has a secret. She did not lie per se, but she was feeling guilty for withholding all the facts.

Considering how he was acting, I can understand why she was worried about coming clean. In a similar situation, I probably would have kept the secret too.

Should you buy? This is a cute romance. As the elements of the conflict are revealed, you see how both the hero and heroine draw to some erroneous conclusions.

Book Details
Print Length: 199 pages
Publisher: Sarna Publishing; 1 edition (November 16, 2013)
Publication Date: November 16, 2013
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC



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