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It has been a while since I have talked about a product that I love for you to try.

In an effort to revive my Try It Tuesday meme, I am going to talk about my favorite phone case.

E-Y-N = Everything you need

EYN Products  makes the best phone case ever. I have had different cases for my iPhone and I always come back to this brand. I can hold my phone, 2 cards, and my ID. Plus there is a nifty little mirror.

I discovered this company when I bought a case for my iPhone 5 off of Groupon. My first case was a light blue in color. While I love the functionality of this phone case, I do not recommend purchasing in a light color because if you are OCD like me once it starts to get dirty, you are going to want to buy a new case.

When I upgraded to 6Plus, the first thing I did was get another EYN case. This time, I bought it on Amazon.

Thank you PRIME free shipping!

When people first see my case, they ask if it is one of those external batteries that people sometimes have on their phones. When I tell them it is my phone case, they are pleasantly surprised.

While this is my favorite phone case, I have two complaints:

(1) I can’t use the phone jack with my aux cord in my car. My ear phones are Bluetooth, so that’s is not much of an issue. I have to take off the bottom part of the case too use the aux cord.

(2) One of my power charging cords does not stay plugged in because the space surrounding the charging port is narrow. It fits Apple charger cord but not some after market charger cords. Again, not a deal breaker, but a mild annoyance.

TOW final word: Buy, Borrow, Pass
BUY. This will be the last case you will want because it has everything.

 Click HERE to buy now


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