-Letter O- Ready, Willing and Abel- @AprilAtoZ #atozchallenge #romance

O is for O’Rourke (Sarah O’Rourke)

Ready, Willing and Abel 

Patience had a one night stand with Abel a few years ago. Unfortunately for her, Abel did not perform at his best that night. Begging for a do-over, Abel is trying to convince Patience that he can be better than what she thinks she knows of him.

This time, while Patience is looking short term, Abel is playing for keeps.

This is a LONG book. I saw how many pages it was and thought that there had to be a lot of extra stuff at the end. I have not read many books these days that fit into the “saga” category for me.

I read Cain’s Salvation which introduced the family to me. The McKinnon daughters are Harmony, Faith, Patience, and Honor. You do not have to read Faith (Cain’s Salvation) in order to understand this book. It helps for context, but not required. I skipped Harmony’s story, but I want to go back and read it when I have 5 hours to dedicate to it (no exaggeration).

On to the plot…

First of all, I loved Abel. For an alpha male, he had no problem apologizing and acknowledging when he was wrong. Plus, he had to have a lot of patience to deal with Patience.

Image result for he's a keeper meme

She wrecked my nerves a few times. Then, when I was almost at the point of being done with her, she explains why she is such a commitment phobe. I still was not ready to forgive her for constantly insulting Abel’s manhood though.

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There is so much detail to this story that I feel like I know these people. I am laughing with them and cheering when things go well.

As much as I complained to myself about the length of this book, I could understand why it was so packed with information necessary for the plot and ongoing story line of the series. I skipped the second book, but I am going back to read it so that I can get to Honor’s story. I have a feeling it is going to be the best of all of them.

TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
I say BUY. I bought the whole series and I am not disappointed. It is worth it.

Book details
Print Length: 487 pages
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥
Series: Passion In Paradise – The Men Of The McKinnon Sisters (4 Book Series)



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