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Today’s post of Try It Tuesday is all about wine walks!

There has been an increase in wine walks in the area where I live.

It seems that it has become the trendy thing to do, especially on a Saturday evening in a downtown area. In Greenwood, South Carolina, they have been organizing wine walks for years. There are usually 2 each year: one in the summer during Festival of Flowers (FOF) and one in the fall at the start of the holiday shopping season.

The Official name of the FOF wine walk is called “topiaries and tastings”. The objective is to visit area businesses, taste a sample of a wine, and also view the topiaries that are on display around the uptown Greenwood area during the festival.

I like attending wine walks because they allow me to try a variety of wines and determine which types suit my palate.

This year, there were 17 stops! I think the organizers out did themselves in arranging the stops and wine selections.

The business owners that participated were encouraged to provide some sort of nibbles to accompany the wine. This was needed especially since there were so many wine stops.

The wine walk started at 5:30pm but participants that were encouraged to begin registration at 5:00pm to pick up their glasses and map to plan their route. With about 500 attendees, you can understand how it might get a little crowded. The entire evening was quite festive and fun. Our group started at the “last stop” and worked our way backwards to avoid many of the lines and waiting to be served.

TOW Final Thoughts: The wines were good and my favorite was the Chenin Blanc. Even though there were more stops this year, I think everything moved so smoothly and it was probably the best organized wine walk I attended . I will need to take another walk around the Uptown in order to see all of the topiaries though!


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