The Donut Experiment #yeahTHATgreenville #foodiefriday

Happy Friday!!

The best way to treat yourself after work, is to get a fresh made cake donut.

If you live in Greenville SC or the surrounding area, and you have not been to The Donut Experiment in Greenville SC (on Augusta Rd), you are missing out.

Yes this is a donut shop. Custom made donut combinations let you decide what glaze and topping you want. What you have at the end is a donut that is all you dreamed of. 😂😁

They ensure you have your best donut experience by starting with a delicious, slightly sweet cake donut. Since the toppings are pure sugar, it is good that the donut base is not too sweet. It allows for the toppling combinations to shine.

My favorite is the Maple Bacon donut. My second favorite is Vanilla icing topped with Coconut.

TOW Final Word: I love The Donut Experiment and go there every chance I can because it is delicious. You can make your donut as simple or as decadent as you want.

The Donut Experiment
Address: 2123 Augusta Street C, Greenville, SC 29605


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