Photo Blogging Challenge: Nature #photoblog #gooutside

The theme for September’s photo blogging challenge hosted by was NATURE. Once again I need to confess that I did not actively participate in this challenge. I wanted to have a post included, so I took some extreme creative license to make some of my pictures fit the them.

Without further ado, here are my pictures on the theme.

Picture #1

This is Toby. He is my dog-nephew. I dog sat him the other week and we were playing fetch. He does not totally understand the game yet, but he is learning. He is my cutie pie. After this, we went inside an took a nap.

Picture #2

Labor Day weekend, were were in Gatlinburg TN an saw this butterfly. She(?) was still long enough for me to get a close up picture. I love butterflies for their strength and delicate beauty. Plus, they teach us that life’s struggles can change us into something beautiful.



Picture #3

This is a picture of a pot of elderberry syrup in the making. How is this nature related? I love that natural foods can help us to be healthy. Elderberries are known to help boost the natural immune system and fight the cold and flu. I used dried, organic elderberries and added Ningxia berries because they are full of antioxidants. Drinking this means I can enjoy the outdoors even more!



Picture #4

I took this picture to use as part of a post I had to do for a project I was part of last month. While I was researching about my top five tree essential oils, I learn a lot of interesting information.

Did you know that scientific studies have shown the essential oils from many trees were found to reduce the levels of cortisol stress?

I read a lot of studies on PubMed website that were very eye-opening and convinced me I need to take more walks in the forest for my health!  If you want to know where to buy any of these, I am a distributor .


Check out the website to see the other bloggers’ submissions and interpretations of this theme.

To quote another blogger GeoKs

While you’re there, please consider joining us next month! Participation is like taking on a low-stress photo assignment, which you can use to refine your photography skills. Any camera will do: your phone, a pocket-sized point and shoot, the DSLR that’s been gathering dust somewhere or a film camera. For each month’s theme, you’re asked to share five photos; the amount of accompanying text is up to you.


7 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge: Nature #photoblog #gooutside

  1. Amaryllis, these are great. Your sentence about how butterflies show us how it’s the challenges that transform us into strong, beautiful beings is absolutely lovely, and a thought I’m going to “borrow”. My favourite natural oil is tea tree oil, which I use on cuts, blemishes and – in a pinch – deodorant!


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