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Adrift – Sci-Fi action thriller cheepie

Adrift (Callisto Series – Book 1) ♥ ♥♥


In this science fiction romance action novel, Jasmine is a journalist running from some military types that want her dead. After the bad guys killed most of the passengers on the aircraft on which she was travelling, Norik, a half-Lyrissian, half-human male, saved her. He is a commanding office of a Space Corp ship and is on leave.

There is some chemistry between the two of them that they explore in between trying to figure out how to resolve their situation without dying.


This story was entertaining but there were some points that annoyed me.

Considering that Jasmine was on the run, she did little to keep a low profile while in transit.

Norik was trying to mind his own business and Jasmine kept bothering him. And she kept provoking him to the point he lost control.

I do not mind interspecies-human romances, but the Lyrissians were not a particularly amorous race or tender in their affections. The one love scene was borderline violent and painful sounding. Norik tried to warn Jasmine off, but she would not be deterred. She wanted him to lose control and he did.

Despite those issues, the action in the plot-line gave the story promise and by the end I was looking forward to reading more books in the series. When I looked on Amazon and found other books, the next book in the series was a prequel. No matter how great that story might be, in Adrift, the reader finds out what happens to Norik’s parents and it is not a happy ending. For the one book that is supposed to be after the time period in Adrift, I was disappointed that it appears that Norik and Jasmine were no longer together. That was a letdown for me.

Note to Author Erica Conroy if you are reading this: Once the book ends, there is a supposition of a “happy ever after” ending if the main characters are together. It is not a good idea for those same characters not to be together in future books. That cheapens the ending of the original book because that means their love did not last. It is a warm, fuzzy feeling to read sequels where the I know the history of the secondary characters, how they got together, and their quest to find love.

Overall, Adrift (Callisto Series – Book 1) is  a great story on its own. I think it is a one-hit wonder for this series. As long as you remember that it is mostly sci-fi action than romance, you will enjoy the story.

Hunting Cari – Aliens & Romance = All together good story

Hunting Cari (Men of Valendra) – ♥♥♥♥


Cari has known she is different from most girls her age. She is half human and half Valendran. For most of her life, she has thought that meant she has to be on the run with her uncle. After being captured by Valendrans’ nemesis the Relians, a series of events causes her to begin to understand what it means to be Valendran. When she is saved by Valendran male Scaden, she feels emotions she never knew existed.

Scaden is a Valendran commander responding to a distress call from earth. Once he has met Cari, he feels in his whole being that this hybrid woman is his mate. It is increasingly difficult to follow Valendran cultural traditions and rules if that means being separated from Cari.

My Opinion:

Hunting Cari (Men of Valendra) is an entertaining book with a creative storyline. Valendran males are alpha males who think all females should be coddled and protected. The nemesis alien race Relians wreak havoc wherever they go and provided the conflict for the story. There is a lot going on in the story, so I can only say “Read it” if you want to get the full picture. I do not think you will be disappointed.

Cari lived a very sheltered life but adapted well once she was rescued by Scaden. He was a hunky alpha-male who would do whatever it took to be with his soul mate. There were so many sweet, tender moments in the book. But there was some humor too. To me, some of the funniest parts of the book were when Scaden’s inner beast was getting out control. For their race, irrational jealousy was one side effect of identifying but not yet claiming a mate.

I was in the mood to read an alien romance and found this. What a great find for me! The author told the story in such a way that was easy to follow. It was as if the author gave just enough breadcrumbs to keep me engaged but not so many that I was bored with the story. When I finished Hunting Cari , I was interested enough to want to read her follow up book Finding Jess (Men of Valendra) because I wanted to read more from this author.