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First Cari and now Jess- Valendran males are falling in love

Finding Jess (Men of Valendra) – ♥♥♥


This book is the sequel to Hunting Cari (Men of Valendra).

Amun felt a connection to Jess when he found out she existed. After a year of searching, Amun is still determined to find her so that she can be his mate.

Jess is a hybrid Valendra-human who was at the mercy of the Relians (evil enemy aliens) since she was a child. For many years, she suffered unspeakable physical and emotional abuse. During it all, she helped others to safety. She cannot understand what Amun would want with her since she is damaged.


In Hunting Cari, Jess played a major role in making sure that Cari survived her abduction and abuse. I got a glimpse of her personality and gift. Because of Amun’s reaction to Cari’s bracelet, I had a feeling that he would be her mate. Because of those points, I wanted to read her story and experience her happy ever after ending.

With any abuse survivor, there are feelings of doubt of their own self-worth. It was evident that Jess thought herself to be unworthy of Amun. Amun’s attempts to treat her delicately had the opposite effect since she thought he did not want her. Jess has to heal physically and emotionally in order to accept Amun’s love without question. I thought the author did a decent job delving into the issues that Jess faced because of her trauma. When something like that happens to a woman, it is necessary that her love interest be very understanding in helping her come to terms with what she is up against.

Although the story was mainly focused on Amum and Jess, there was so many other things going on.

1. Traitor in their midst
2. Finding the rest of the hybrid women and children scattered around the earth
3. Dealing with Relian threats
4. Budding romances between two other couples

Overall, Finding Jess (Men of Valendra) was a very endearing book to me. It was a sweet story, and by the end of the book, I was even more interested in the Valendran people and hoping for the rescue of more hybrids in coming books. The book could be read on its own, but I think to get the full effect, Hunting Cari should be read first. I am ready for the next book!!!!


Hunting Cari – Aliens & Romance = All together good story

Hunting Cari (Men of Valendra) – ♥♥♥♥


Cari has known she is different from most girls her age. She is half human and half Valendran. For most of her life, she has thought that meant she has to be on the run with her uncle. After being captured by Valendrans’ nemesis the Relians, a series of events causes her to begin to understand what it means to be Valendran. When she is saved by Valendran male Scaden, she feels emotions she never knew existed.

Scaden is a Valendran commander responding to a distress call from earth. Once he has met Cari, he feels in his whole being that this hybrid woman is his mate. It is increasingly difficult to follow Valendran cultural traditions and rules if that means being separated from Cari.

My Opinion:

Hunting Cari (Men of Valendra) is an entertaining book with a creative storyline. Valendran males are alpha males who think all females should be coddled and protected. The nemesis alien race Relians wreak havoc wherever they go and provided the conflict for the story. There is a lot going on in the story, so I can only say “Read it” if you want to get the full picture. I do not think you will be disappointed.

Cari lived a very sheltered life but adapted well once she was rescued by Scaden. He was a hunky alpha-male who would do whatever it took to be with his soul mate. There were so many sweet, tender moments in the book. But there was some humor too. To me, some of the funniest parts of the book were when Scaden’s inner beast was getting out control. For their race, irrational jealousy was one side effect of identifying but not yet claiming a mate.

I was in the mood to read an alien romance and found this. What a great find for me! The author told the story in such a way that was easy to follow. It was as if the author gave just enough breadcrumbs to keep me engaged but not so many that I was bored with the story. When I finished Hunting Cari , I was interested enough to want to read her follow up book Finding Jess (Men of Valendra) because I wanted to read more from this author.