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The Best Man for a reason

The Best Man ♥♥♥


Colin is a trouble making best man at his brother’s wedding. Usually the epitome of a quiet English gentleman, the reason for his out-of-character behavior is that he was once dating the bride. She dumped him for his brother, but in a crazy, dysfunctional way, he was guilted into not only being in the wedding but being the best man.

Beth is a wedding planner with her personal goal to be named partner in the business. She needs for the wedding to go on without a hitch. In this case, it means dealing with Colin’s antics so that he does not ruin his brother’s big day.


The story premise was original enough. However, Colin fell in love too quickly for me.

Even with that, I thought Colin was such a sweet cutie with a sense of humor. He was too nice and let his family railroad him when they should have been more understanding. For that one point on its own, he deserved a happy ending.

In the beginning I agreed with Beth when she questioned the relationship. But after a while, I started to get annoyed. Since falling in love did not fit into her plan, she keeps trying to minimize what Colin and she have. Beth was, at times, a grumpy killjoy when it came to love, and then would be despondent that she might be missing out on something.

Overall, the story was cute. I liked Colin and he deserved all the hugs and kisses. But this is how I felt about Beth.

Should you buy? Yea it was cute enough to have in your Kindle collection. This is one of those light romances with a feel good hero.

This is who I imagine will play Colin in the movie version of this book.