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Osteria – Philadephia, PA

When I was in Philly visiting some friends, I went to Osteria for dinner one night. We went because we heard that it was good. I am always up for adventure when it comes to trying to find tasty nibbles.

Lamb is one of those things that is rare for me to have at home since the local grocery does not usually stock it. If lamb is on the menu, I ordered it. As you can see in the picture, it was served medium rare. Finger licking good. If you have never had lamb, you should try it. If you order it medium rare, it has less of a gamey taste to it.

The vegetable was fava beans. I never had those before. I almost did not eat them because they look like lima beans. I decided to give them a try and I am so glad I did! They were firm not mushy on the inside, so when I bite down there was a little bit of a crunch. Finally, another bean that I like!

While I was waiting for my food, the waiter brought some crusty bread to the table. Bread is my weakness, but I tried not to eat too much. The breadsticks were crunchy and super tasty.

All in all, Osteria gets 2 thumbs up from me. The dinner was delicious. I did not have room for dessert. Maybe next time. In which case, I will probably have to forgo the bread so that I can eat dessert. This is a Philly restaurant that is definitely worth checking out if you have never been there before.