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#CoverReveal Paco by Chiah Wilder #MCromance

Title: Paco
Series: Night Rebels MC #5
Author: Chiah Wilder
Genre: MC Romance (standalone)
Release Date: February 19, 2018
Cover Designer: Cheeky Covers
Paco, the rugged VP of the Night Rebels MC, only stopped to get out of the rain and have some chow at the diner. He was headed back to Alina. He never intended on staying, but he saw her sitting alone at the booth next to his. She had on too much makeup and too little clothing for the cold wintry night.

Then she looked at him: her eyes were dark like an endless stretch of midnight sky. In their inky depths, he saw sorrow and pain and threads of fierceness. They drew him in.

He, the man who never looked past one night with a woman, wanted to know about this small woman sitting across from him.

Sensing she was in trouble, he wanted to help her. He knew he should just pay his bill, hop on his Harley, and head home, but he couldn’t. She grounded him, and in that one instant, he knew she’d be his. The urge to possess her consumed him.

Misty Sullivan hated the cold nights when she’d have to haul her ass from truck to truck to make enough to satisfy her boyfriend, Bobby. She used to have another name, but that was a long time ago when she was normal and life was good. She tried not to think about it anymore—it just made her life worse.

The stranger who stared at her didn’t look like a trucker. He was decked out in leather and denim, and he looked at her like she was a person, not a piece of a$$. But life experience told her he was probably just as bad as all the other men who came into her world. 

Men couldn’t be trusted. They acted nice to get a woman where they wanted her, and then they turned mean and ugly.

But the stranger’s piercing stare didn’t frighten her, and that surprised her. A good-looking, sexy man like him could have any woman he wanted, so why was he wasting his time with her?

Then events threw them together and Misty had to decide if she should trust the man who was playing havoc with her heart. 

Paco knew that the only way Misty could trust him was to face her past and deal with it. Would she let him help her before her past crashed with her present and destroyed her? Could he let her slip away from him?
This is the fifth book in the Night Rebels MC Romance series. This is Paco’s story. It is a standalone. This book contains violence, sexual assault (not graphic), strong language, and steamy/graphic sexual scenes. It describes the life and actions of an outlaw motorcycle club. If any of these issues offend you, please do not read the book. HEA. No cliffhangers! The book is intended for readers over the age of 18.

Chiah Wilder writes about rough, sexy men who know how to treat their women. Always a lover of books, she began writing at a young age and continued through college with collections of short stories. Figuring she had to grow up and get a “real” job, her writing was placed on the back burner. Her love of reading has always been center front in her life. Chiah’s love of bad boys both in and out of fiction has inspired her books. She loves an alpha male whose softer side is brought out by a passionate, spirited woman. In fiction there are no rules or boundaries, and fantasies can go as far as the characters want to take them. Steamy, romances with tough, sexy bad boys are her guilty pleasure along with brownies, cheddar cheese, and movie marathons. Get a FREE steamy novella when you join the Chiah Wilder Newsletter. By subscribing, you will get the scoop on new releases, previews, free short stories, and a whole lot of other exciting goodies: http://eepurl.com/bACCL1



#CoverReveal : Maybe Don’t Wanna #romance #suspense

Title: Maybe Don’t Wanna
Series: The Simple Man Series #2
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: May 4, 2018
Photographer: Wander Aguiar Photography

Peter Parker Penn.
Unlike the superhero his mother named him after, Parker is no good guy.
In fact, if there’s a picture in the dictionary under anti-hero, it’s his.
Parker’s spent his life trying to get back on the right side of the tracks, but each step he takes forward, he takes two more steps back.
To save one, he hurts others. To make this good, he turns that bad.
For appearances’ sake, he plays the part. He does what people expect him to do—mostly. And at the end of each day, he goes back to his lonely apartment and wishes he was a different person. One who could fix the things he’s broken.
Then Kayla Nash forces her way into his life, and the world as he knows it is irrevocably changed.
Everything he thinks he has right is wrong. And everything he thinks is wrong is oh, so right.
One thing leads to another, and suddenly he’s growing a conscience, and trying to prove to her that he’s as bad as everybody says he is.
Yet she won’t listen.
She’s convinced that she can save him.
Little does she know, Parker isn’t worth saving, and never will be.


I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 5, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.


Law & Beard by Lani Lynn Vale #CoverReveal #MCromance

Title: Law & Beard
Series: The Dixie Warden Rejects #8
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: MC Romance 
Release Date: March 8, 2018

Photographer: Furious Fotog
Cover Model: Joe Adams

Winnie thinks she has the perfect life.

Two beautiful, healthy children. A police officer husband. A job that she loves. Oh, and let’s not forget that she’s a nationally ranked marathon runner.

Fast forward six months, and her perfect life has imploded.

Winnie finds herself in a completely new world, and this new world is a brutal bitch.

In this new life of hers, her husband is gone. He realizes, at the worst possible time, that he’s no longer in love with her. He’s in love with her best friend. So he leaves, and doesn’t look back.

Her sixteen-year-old daughter is in trouble with the law, and she’s barely making ends meet thanks to losing the job that was keeping her and her tiny family afloat.

Then, the last thing that could make it all bearable, her running, is ripped out from under her, too. Thanks to a spinal stroke that leaves her unable to walk, let alone run, she’s having to relearn how to do the simplest of tasks—such as putting on her own pants.

She’s at the lowest of lows, and the last thing she wants is a sexy, bearded, motorcycle riding alpha to tell her how to live her life.

But Steel Cross never asks her what she wants.


The moment Steel Cross sees Winnie’s daughter steal some shoes for her younger brother, he knows he’s in trouble.

He’s a sucker for misunderstood teens. After all, he was once one himself.

He knows he can’t just walk away, and the moment he sees that troubled teen’s mother, he doesn’t just know it, he feels it. Down to the very bottom of his soul.

With his share of hard knocks, he knows that he shouldn’t step in and make his move on a fellow police officer’s ex. There’s a code, after all, yet he just can’t seem to help himself.

He’s done being the good guy. Sometimes he just wants to be bad.

And Winnie makes him realize that being bad is still kind of good. As long as you’re with the right person.

I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 8, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.


Bring the Heat by L. Wilder #CoverReveal

Title: Bring the Heat
Author: L. Wilder
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: December 19, 2017
Cover Models: Darren Birks and Rachel Morris


Photographer: Darren Birks Photography
Cover Designer: Wicked Design

Southpaw, Tucker Michaels, was a player on and off the field, and he was looking for his next big score.



Tucker Michaels could bring the heat, striking out anyone who stepped up to the plate, and he was burning up the big leagues.


At least, that’s what I was told.

I had no idea who Tucker Michaels was, and I honestly didn’t care. From the moment I met him, I thought he was an arrogant, foul-mouthed jerk.

I’ll admit he was hot—if you’re into the gorgeous, athletic type, but there was no mistaking the way he looked at me, like I was about to be his next grand slam.

Unfortunately for him, he was about to be the one to strike out. I had no interest in playing games, especially when he was helping my little brother’s baseball team.

But after a week from hell and one too many drinks, I was starting to see another side of the sexy, charismatic player.
Leslie Wilder grew up in a small town in West Tennessee. A country girl at heart, she’s always thought that life is too short, but she had no idea how short it really was until her brother passed away in 2014. She’s always been an avid reader, loving the escape only a great book can give, and wondered if she had what it took to write one of the wild romances she’d come to adore. With the support of her family and friends, she published Inferno: A Devil Chaser’s MC, one year after her brother’s death. With him in mind, she fulfilled her lifetime dream of writing. Since then, she’s completed the Devil Chaser’s Series and continued on with the Satan’s Fury MC Series. She has so many stories in her head, and can’t wait to share each and every one.
Leslie has been blown away by the support of her readers, appreciating every message, review, and encouraging word she’s received over the past year. She looks forward to continuing this journey with them for years to come.


#CoverReveal Vice by L.M. Pruitt @lmpruitt #romance

Title: Vice
Author: L.M. Pruitt
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 20, 2017


There are three things Jeannie Jackson knows for certain:
1. Relationships are more trouble than their worth.
2. There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.
3. She’s never going back to Cotton Creek.
When tragedy strikes, pulling her back to her hometown and right in to the arms –and bar–of the last man she ever expected to see again, Jeannie starts to wonder what else she’s been wrong about and whether love, like every other vice, is too addictive to walk away from….


People like to believe the slide to rock bottom starts with cigarettes or drugs or alcohol or one of any hundred so-called vices.
Mine started with a dress a size too small, a limp corsage, and tepid fruit punch served in a paper cup already wilting from the heat of too many bodies packed in the American Legion Meeting Hall.
That was the moment when I realized the entire town of Cotton Creek, Georgia believed I was good for one thing and one thing only.
I’d ducked behind one of a dozen oversized balloon towers, pressing the lukewarm paper cup to my sweaty forehead. It didn’t actually cool me off—the ice had melted long ago, watering down the already tasteless off-brand punch—but it helped to pretend it did. My dress, a hand-me-down from my older sister and better suited to her slim form than my decidedly curvaceous one, clung like a second skin, drawing attention to my so-called assets in a way which had made old Mrs. Wilson turn up her nose and sniff at me and which also, unfortunately, made me sweat like a pig. The pile of curls, secured by a hundred bobby pins, half a can of hairspray, and prayer, was already in danger of falling down even though I’d only been at the dance for an hour. My corsage was worse for the wear, too, the flowers already drooping. I wouldn’t be surprised if I lost more than a few petals by the end of the night.
But it was all worth it because I was here with him.
Abraham Hansom. The Abraham Hansom.
Everybody in town, even his parents Mary and Marcus, called him Handsome Hansom and he was but he was so much more than that. He was smart and funny and he was nice—nice for real and not the fake kind the so-called Christians who occupied the front row of the First Baptist Church specialized in. He was the best thing in the entire town of Cotton Creek and everybody knew it.
And he’d invited me to prom.
Me, the girl who was literally from the wrong side of the tracks, whose daddy had run off with the next door neighbor’s daughter and whose mama had drank herself to death. The girl whose sister had been knocked up twice by the age of sixteen and was on her third kid and second marriage before twenty-one. If Abraham Hansom was everything right in Cotton Creek, I was everything wrong.
But again, it didn’t matter. Because he’d seen past all that, past the hand-me down clothes and shoes and the hair done in the kitchen of Lizbeth Richard’s doublewide. He actually saw me.
I leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes, glad nobody could see the dopey smile on my face. I lifted my cup to take another sip only to freeze when I heard Lynn Smith’s distinctive laugh.
“Oh, my God. Did you see her dress?” She laughed again and I caught a glimpse of her through the balloons as she flipped her waist-length blonde hair over her shoulder and turned to one of her ever-present groupies. “She should just stick a price tag on her chest.”
“There’s definitely enough room.” Beth Bailey, shorter, plumper, her own blonde hair twisted in to the same sort of chignon her mother wore to church every Sunday, scoffed and handed her cup to her boyfriend, Ben Barnes, the epitome of strong, silent, and stupid. “Everybody knows she has more tits than brains. She doesn’t need to remind us.”
“Yeah, I mean, and if it gets any shorter you’ll totally be able to see her va-jay-jay.” Dana Jones hadn’t had an original thought since she’d became friends with Lynn in the second grade but that didn’t keep her from acting as if she was head of the local chapter of the National Honor Society. I would have blamed it on the bleach she used in order to get her hair the same bright shade as Lynn and Beth but I didn’t think that had anything to do with it. “I still can’t believe you actually asked her, Abraham.”
Abraham. Abraham was there. He was listening to everything.
And he wasn’t saying anything in my defense.
“I mean, like, I know you have that thing about not backing down from a bet and all but still.” Dana snorted—another one of her annoying habits—and slouched against her boyfriend, Allen Woodard, second string quarterback for the Cotton Creek Cougars. “Seriously, would it really have been so bad to have to paint your truck pink for a week? I mean, it’s totally temporary. This, though, is senior prom. This is, like, forever. And all your pictures and memories are going to be with the class whore.”
He’d say something now. He would. He had to. There was no way Abraham Hansom would let—.
“Beth.” Even laced with exasperation, Abraham’s voice was low and rich and smooth, as beautiful as the rest of him. “Nobody keeps pictures from prom. That truck, though, will last me twenty years, easy.” He laughed, the sound wrapping around me like a blanket, providing me little warmth from his next words. “I’d do a lot worse than go to prom with Jeannie Jackson. Besides, how else am I going to get laid tonight?”
Even as the little knot exploded in to laughter, I pushed the balloons aside and stepped forward. Dana was the first to notice me, her big, blue eyes going wide and her jaw falling open. She elbowed Beth, who in turn elbowed Ben, the not so subtle nudging making its way around the circle until Lynn elbowed Abraham, standing with his back to me.
He turned, the lazy smile dying away, his dark brown eyes still beautiful, even though I knew they were full of lies. He raked a hand through his shaggy brown hair and flicked a tongue over the lips I’d been fantasizing about since freshman year. “Jeannie—.”
“You think you actually had a chance with me?” I took a step closer, my toes bumping against his. Lifting my chin, I said, “Bless your heart, honey.” I rested one hand on his shoulder, rising up until I was able to press my lips to his ear, lowering my voice to a whisper. “You couldn’t afford me.”
I dropped back on my heels and spun neatly, striding across the room, pausing only to throw away the mangled cup and wilted corsage before marching out of the American Legion. I had one more week until graduation. One more week and then I was out of Cotton Creek and I was never coming back.


Anyplace was better than here.
With roots sank deep in Florida soil—the land of oranges, alligators, Publix, and hurricanes—L.M. Pruitt has been writing about the peculiarities and quirks of the region and its people for years. There may not be actual vampires in the area but there are mosquitos which, quite frankly, is close enough.
Ms. Pruitt holds a bachelor’s in criminal justice (hence the more macabre nature of books such as Silk and The Andersons) from Florida State University and is in the process of earning two additional degrees in history and political science (because you never know when the intrigues of the Tudor Court will come in handy). She resides in Florida with one black cat who happens to be a champion mosquito killer.