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I love my Kindle Fire so much

Ever since I received my Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi , I have been using it like crazy.


I got it for my first year anniversary. I was not too sure at first if I would use it often. Confession: I have a lot of electronics that I don’t use that much even though I thought I needed them. Concerning the Kindle Fire, I thought it would be a novel toy that I take on trips to prevent boredom while travelling.

That did not happen.

The Kindle Fire is so easy to use and has a decent battery life. The wireless picks up well every time I am in an area with signal. I am able to download books and navigate the Internet quickly. I went to the AppStore and downloaded some games also.

Hardware wise, the only drawback for me is that the Kindle Fire does not come with a computer cable. I know that is a minor thing, but if I did not have wireless at home, I would be out of luck until I bought a cable. I think Amazon should include a computer cable instead of a plug in charger. Since wi-fi was not an issue for me, I can download books from Amazon straight to my Kindle Fire. {imagine me doing my happy dance}

I download books from Smashwords.com to my computer and email them to my Kindle Fire documents address. I think that is a handy little feature. As part of managing my Kindle through Amazon, I set up my email address for the wireless transfer. I also use the “Manage my Kindle” tab to manage my Kindle data in the Amazon digital cloud. Whatever is stored in the digital cloud can only be accessed when I have wi-fi connection. Any books that I am reading, I keep on my Kindle and when I am finished I delete from my device but leave in the cloud.

This is an e-reader on steroids. I has a great screen for color books, movies, blogs, or just web browsing. I watched movies for free using Amazon Prime Instant Video. I wish I could have downloaded the video to my device for watching later but I had to be connected to wireless in order to watch the movie. Other than that, the quality was good like I was watching tv. You have to have the $80 per year Amazon Prime subscription to enjoy this feature. That was no biggie for me because what I save on shipping costs through Prime is worth the membership.

If you buy a Kindle Fire, it is important to also sign up for a blog or email subscription that features daily spotlight on free or discounted books and apps. Amazon also sends emails of daily deals. Usually the books are deeply discounted for the day. I have bought a lot of books that I might not have otherwise purchased because they would have been out of my price range.

Overall: Kindle Fire is worth the price. It may not have all the functionality of an iPad (most notably no camera) but it has everything that I need at a fraction of the price. If you are thinking about getting an e-reader, I think this is the best option.