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Papi’s World Famous Travellin’ Tacos

Papi’s World Famous Travellin’ Tacos

Looking for something different in the downtown Greenville, I found Papi’s. This restaurant is located below Lazy Goat and I think it has the same owners. Like Taco Boy in Charleston, this is expensive Mexican food.

Tacos are $3.

I am a traditionalist. I knew I had to pass on ordering tacos when I saw that the taco al pastor had pineapple in it. I do not know what part of Mexico that is from, but that is not what I had in Mexico City or Cancun. And that is not how the local taqueria makes theirs either.

I decided on a torta al pastor. Sandwich with the chopped cubes of marinated seasoned pork, tomato. lettuce, avocado, queso fresco, jalepeno, minus beans and onions. I cannot eat Mexican street food without drinking a Jarrito (the only soda I drink since I usually ask for water).

What I like about Papi’s -the atmosphere – it is a cute place with a lot ambiance and character. The walls paintings are bold and colorful. There is Spanish music (salsa, bachata, merengue) playing that makes you want to get up and dance.

The food was okay. I did think they were stingy with the jalapenos. If you never ate real Mexican food at the house of somebody’s abuela (translated grandmother) or at an authentic restaurant (the local Mexican restaurant that serves tortilla chips before your meal does not count) where someone’s abuela is the cook (she will not think she is a chef), you might think Papi’s is awesome. If you do not want to venture into the barrio (translated ‘hood) for $1.75 tacos, Papi’s is your place for tacos and tortas.

In any other case, you will probably think like me. I thought the flavors were muted. Toned down for a different palate. Do not misunderstand me. I think that Papi’s is a nice place to eat. However, for me, there are more traditional, bolder flavors at other Mexican restaurants.

You may go for the Mexican food, but (to borrow terminology from my hubby)….

Dark Corner distillery

Looking for something to do if you are in downtown Greenville South Carolina? You need to make a stop by Dark Corner Distillery (241 N Main St Greenville, SC 29615).

I recommend doing a tasting but make sure you have had something to eat first. These liquors are potent. They will have your head swimming if you try to taste with an empty stomach.

Dark Corner is making legal moonshine. Some dress it up and call it “corn whiskey”. It is all the same.

Dark Corner have a cinnamon flavored liquor called Hot Mama. Since it is super spicy ( blend of 111 proof whiskey, cinnamon and chipotle peppers), to me, it is not good to drink by itself. However, it is awesome in mixed drinks. By itself the cinnamon intensifies the high alcohol content so much that it numbed my tongue and burned my throat. At this stage of my life, I like to savor the taste of my liquor. When using the same cinnamon flavored liquor in warm apple cider, it becomes a comfort drink that warms the insides. That is my kind of drink.

My favorite is Carolina Peach Shine. It is 70 proof and tastes really good on the rocks. Sip it if you want to enjoy the sweet peachy flavor. Since Carolina Peach Shine is very sweet on its own, the ice helps to mellow out and dilute it a little bit. Take it like a shot if you want to feel a pleasurable burn. I felt warmth as the liquid travelled down my throat, but it was not as overpowering as the cinnamon one. Nor did it have the numbing effect. Mix it in juice for a kicked up beverage.

What I most like about Dark Corner is the fact that they let you sample their flavors before you buy. When I went, it was not too crowded and so my friend and I were able to sample without waiting. If there is a crowd, you might need to be patient.

Don’t forget to TIP your server! You did just get a free liquor sample. Be appreciative.

Above all else, drink responsibly. Definitely do not drive if you are feeling tipsy.