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Slow Burn: read it for the hunky assassin

Slow Burn (Assassins Book 1) ♥ ♥


Leigh has a self-destructive lifestyle in which she is a promiscuous cocaine addict. This is her way of dealing with the fact that her father is a workaholic and does not pay attention to her.

Griffin is a former assassin who wants to protectively as pay brought to her deceased father. The people who killed Lee’s father are after her and Griffin promises to keep her safe.

Both Leigh and Griffin have been injected with an experimental top-secret serum that makes them almost invincible. The story focuses on their efforts to shut down the evil corruption so that they do not have to keep running for their lives.


This would have been a one heart story if it was not for Griffin. Leigh was a total jerk of a person. I get that she had daddy issues. The inability to stop making bad decisions was frustrating. Was she trying to get herself killed or what? Assassins are after her to kill her and she is looking for lines of coke to blow. Ugh.

I finish the book, skimming over parts of it because I wanted to know how they took down the villainous company. I did have a soft spot for Griffin. He was so damaged emotionally from the abuse he suffered while in prison. It is rare that a book delves into the type of abuse that Griffin suffered. That is quite possibly one of the few good things that I have to say about this book.

Leigh was a self-absorbed, selfish, self-seeking person that did not appreciate someone like Griffin, even in his damaged state. She was petulant and immature for the majority of the book. If Griffin wasn’t as good as he was as a bodyguard, she would have been caught long before she was.

By the end of the book, Griffin was the only person I cared about. If his happiness meant being with Leigh, I was okay with that because I wanted him to be happy. However, Leigh was the type of character that I am not sure that she is dependable enough to take care of Griffin in the way that he needs. Even with the current ending, I am not sure it would be a happy ever after.

Overall, I am not sure how to word my recommendation for this book. On one hand, I think it is worth reading for Griffin’s story. On the other hand, Leigh was such an unlikable person. There you have it. If after reading this review you decide to read the book, you at least have been prepared for the aspects of Leigh’s personality that were less than stellar.

There was drug abuse, explicit language, and violence.