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She’s not in it for the money

The Substitute Millionaire (Silhouette Desire) : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Julie loses rock paper scissors with her sister and has to go on a blind date with Todd Ashton III. Her previously estranged grandmother set it up and sweeten the deal by offering $1 million. Ryan agreed with his cousin Todd to go in his place to teach gold digging women a lesson because he assumed Julie was in it for the money.

Ryan did not anticipate the instant strong attraction he felt. Sparks flew and although both agreed it was a bad idea, the blind date quickly led into a one night stand. Once night turned into morning, Ryan’s conscience began to bother him because he realized Julie was not what he expected. She was honest, straightforward, and sincere. He admits to his deception and all those warm fuzzy feelings Julie had are extinguished.

Understandably, she is hurt. But after dealing with an absentee father and unfaithful ex fiancé, she would rather never see him again. Julie’s father is a jerk. Of course, you can guess this love story hasn’t happy ending because I gave it four stars. The plot thickens considerably and circumstances are created so Julie and Ryan are forced to spend time together. In which time, it gives Ryan plenty of opportunity, through trial and error, to convince Julie that she is the one for him.

My opinion

I love this story! Julie’s grandmother is a major meddler in everyone’s lives. However she is also the catalyst that brought them together. Julie and Ryan have valid reasons for their behavior, but it is good that they were empathetic enough to see and understand the other person side. Julie sisters were loving and supportive. Todd was extremely skeptical of Julie’s intentions but came around when he realized he was mistaken.

Words that come to mind when thinking of The Substitute Millionaire : Fun. Cute. Smiles and laughter. Entertaining with a really sweet, unexpected ending.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book!

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