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Necessary Detour review

Necessary Detour ♥♥


Nikki is a rock star (stage name Goldy) who is looking for some rest and relaxation after retiring from the business. She has a stalker threatening her life, but that does not deter her from isolating herself in her house on the lake in a remote location. Pete is living in her neighbor’s house. The circumstances surrounding why he is there with his wife and son are really suspicious. There is attraction between them that they want to explore.

My issues with this story:

(1) Nikki’s life is in danger, but she insists on doing things that jeopardize her life. She knows the paparazzi are following her to get a picture, but she goes out in public in ridiculous outfits that draw more attention than detract. Dumb! Then, she would get frustrated when the paparazzi found her. For most of the book, I did not like her and was waiting for the stalker to catch her because of her failing to take sensible precautions.

(2) Pete seems to be married. Ummm. Yea. Since he is trying to give the appearance that he is married, then he should not be flirting with his neighbor. **Spoiler alert: He is not married.** But in the time that I thought he was, I was thinking he was really scummy for his actions. I could not settle into the romance until it was firmly established that Pete was not married. I do not care if the person is unhappily married. I frown on characters starting a relationship if he/she has not ended their marriage. Call me old fashioned.

(3) The last third of the book took a convoluted turn that threw me for a loop. It was as if it did not fit with the rest of the book.

Once I got past those points, the story was all right with fairly likeable characters (Pete more than Nikki). Besides the fact that Pete was not married, there were plenty of other twists that helped the story along.

Overall, if you want a contemporary, light suspense romance, you might like this. Keep in mind what I mentioned previously about the characters and you will be able to focus on the story better than I did. You might even rate it higher.

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