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I would like an ocean view room in Myrtle Beach please: Patricia Grand Resort

I went to Myrtle Beach and I did not want to stay near all the loud, young party goers because I wanted a nice peaceful time at the beach. So I was looking for a family friendly hotel/resort.

I ended up choosing Patricia Grand Resort because of the price. It was reasonable to me, especially since I was going in the middle of the summer.
We arrived about 2 and decided to ask if they had any rooms ready even though the website said that check in begins at 3pm. Check in was a breeze. I gave them my name and they had everything ready for me. At check in, they gave me a packet and savings card for discounts at local area restaurants. I also decided to valet park the car so I did not have to deal with the hassle of having to find parking.

Our room was on the 19th floor. The picture shows the view from our room. The room décor could be considered "no frills". It was a simple clean room with a bed, night tables, computer desk, television, and chair. On the balcony were two chairs and a little plastic table. I did not go to the beach to spend all my time in the hotel, so I did not need a lot of luxuries. All I was looking for in the room was for it to be clean and it was.

Booyah! Mission ACCOMPLISHED! As usual, there were not enough outlets, so the room looked like an obstacle course with my computer, cell phone, and kindle charging at the same time.
There was a coffee bar on the first floor and a restaurant on the second floor. There was also a drinks bar near the pool area. I ate in the restaurant one time for breakfast. It was decent, nothing spectacular, but definitely edible. I don’t know it if is possible to mess up bacon and eggs. Well, I take that back. It might be possible to mess it up, but they did not so I have no reason to complain. The coffee bar was your typical look alike Starbucks selling Starbucks coffee and some off-brand muffins.

During the day, I used one of the lounge chairs to sit out by the pool and soak up some sun. Then later I went out for a walk on the beach. When I was tired of that, I went inside and sat on the balcony of my room. Listening to the ocean has to be one of the most relaxing sounds.

In all, Patricia Grand Resort was a nice choice for my accommodations for my Myrtle Beach weekend. The service personnel were friendly and eager to make my stay a comfortable one. Everything met my expectation. If I go back to Myrtle Beach, this hotel/resort will be at the top of my list.