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Stranded in a snowstorm together means he’s the love of your life

Spellbound & Seduced (A Sinful Regency Christmas) – ♥♥♥

Set in the Scottish Highlands, Lawrence traveled there to become the new laird. A curse was placed on her family hundreds of years before that doomed the husbands of the daughters in family to death a year after marriage. It was love at first sight, but Jura was determined not to fall in love. However, something about Lawrence made her very curious. The inclement weather meant he was stranded at her house for several days. That gave them plenty of time to explore these feelings that had for one another.

This is one of those books that, besides the love scenes, it does not make sense why they fall in love with each other. Love at first sight is supposed to be the explanation. But for me, always trying to find the logical in any situation, I am left confused. Did I miss something? Why did they fall in love?

You are probably surprised at this revelation. Considering the fact that I love to read romance novels, you probably thought I was a great romantic at heart who believed that people can know with a touch or glance that it is true love. In truth, I like love stories but I need some conflict or something that reveals the type of person the main character is. That creates a believable story of why the other person fell in love with them.

Back to Jura and Lawrence’s story…Despite the fact that I do not think they knew each other well enough for protestations of love, I did think it was sweet how they did it. They communicated their feelings plainly and that helped ensure there was no misunderstandings.

Overall, Spellbound & Seduced (A Sinful Regency Christmas) was a short book to read with a cute story. You could finish it in under an hour.

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Steamy Short story

Hot Spot ♥♥♥

Samatha (Sammy) and John reconnect with each other after 20 years at John’s family reunion. When they were teenagers, Sammy and John were attracted to each other. But she did not have any confidence of his intentions to stay around and so she married “the good son” his brother Pat.

Fast forward to the present. Sammy has been divorced from Pat (who remarried soon after the divorce). John sees his opportunity and he is determined to test their physical capability. He believes the spark is still there. He regrets not being dependable enough as a youngster to have a relationship with Sammy all those years ago.

Sammy loved John but could not trust him with her heart as a teen. She made a “playing it safe” decision then, but this time around, she has to decide if she can believe he will not run off. No longer immature teens, their decision to get together results in a short story that is one long love scene (with some dialogue interspersed throughout).

Overall, I like Hot Spot because I had no high expectations. I laughed at some parts because the whole family probably was wondering when they were going to finally hook up. They were not very subtle at times. I bet an onlooker could have felt the tension and thought, “Get a room already!”

Caveat: Hot Spot is not a PG romance. There are a lot of F-bombs. The love scenes in my opinion were tastefully done, but some might find it too explicit.

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If all teenage crushes ends this simply

Scale of 1 – 5: ♥ ♥ ♥

Charlotte had a crush on Alex for years. At 15, she was all arms and legs, as a gangly teenager. At 22, she has grown into her arms, legs, and features.

Alex was not expecting the graceful, flirty, pretty young woman when he agreed to go to Almack’s and dance one with Charlotte. While his sister Lucy thinks it would be great for Alex to marry her best friend, Alex is trying to avoid marriage altogether.

Surprised with his attraction to Charlotte, Alex is trying to come to terms with seeing her as the object of other male attention. Of course, his jealousy is revealed in a humorous way. As for Charlotte, she went from timid mouse to temptress in a hurry.

As a novella, Dancing with the Duke (Landing a Lord) was short and sweet. She is a girl with a serious crush who is trying to gain the attention of the object of her attraction. She does put a lot of pressure on him by revealing her years long love for him (which would have creeped me out). Most men who were trying to avoid marriage probably would have seen that as a warning sign. So I am guessing that Alex was probably crushing on her when she was an awkward, clumsy teenager, but did not want to admit it.

Overall, everything ended with a happy ending. The story was too short to have much in depth character development. That was fine with me because I just wanted a quick, fun read to pass some time before I went to bed.