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Handsomest man in the country

The Handsomest Man in the Country, #1 The Traherns: ♥ ♥ ♥


After the Civil War, Mallory is forced to go west when her parents died. Through a series of misfortunes, she is forced to marry Trahern. Since she had to marry out of necessity, there was not any attraction between the two main characters. In fact, Mallory initially described her husband this way, “I did never seen the back end of a mule as ugly as this man”. Trahern realizes that he is a man with not many options. He is, however, willing do what it takes so that Mallory does not regret marrying him.


This was a cute story about Mallory and Trahern getting to know each other after the forced marriage. I do not prefer stories told in the first person point of view, especially when the character is from a different era. Mallory talked and viewed the world like the backwoods, country girl she was. Some of her points of view were humorous, but at times it took me a minute to understand what she was talking about. This story was sweet enough to compensate for the fact it was told in first-person point of view.

As a novella, The Handsomest Man in the Country, #1 The Traherns is a short read for the afternoon or at the doctor’s office. The end is worth the purchase. If you do not mind first-person point of view novels, I would suggest this author’s series because I think they will all be very interesting.

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Steamy Short story

Hot Spot ♥♥♥

Samatha (Sammy) and John reconnect with each other after 20 years at John’s family reunion. When they were teenagers, Sammy and John were attracted to each other. But she did not have any confidence of his intentions to stay around and so she married “the good son” his brother Pat.

Fast forward to the present. Sammy has been divorced from Pat (who remarried soon after the divorce). John sees his opportunity and he is determined to test their physical capability. He believes the spark is still there. He regrets not being dependable enough as a youngster to have a relationship with Sammy all those years ago.

Sammy loved John but could not trust him with her heart as a teen. She made a “playing it safe” decision then, but this time around, she has to decide if she can believe he will not run off. No longer immature teens, their decision to get together results in a short story that is one long love scene (with some dialogue interspersed throughout).

Overall, I like Hot Spot because I had no high expectations. I laughed at some parts because the whole family probably was wondering when they were going to finally hook up. They were not very subtle at times. I bet an onlooker could have felt the tension and thought, “Get a room already!”

Caveat: Hot Spot is not a PG romance. There are a lot of F-bombs. The love scenes in my opinion were tastefully done, but some might find it too explicit.

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