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Office Supply Marker showdown #tryitTuesday


For this month’s Try It Tuesday, it is an office supply marker showdown.

I love office supplies. Pens. Markers. Pencils. Paper. Notebooks. I love it all.

When it comes to buying markers, my favorite brand is Sharpie.

When I saw Bic Markit on sale, I thought that they were just as good at Sharpie (at least they looked that way a first glance).

In the beginning, it seemed that Bic markers were a great, inexpensive alternative. They wrote just as smoothly. The permanent ink did not fade. I could write on any surface type. Both are available in many different colors and widths. 

Here is the thing. I buy so many markers because I like to have one whenever I need one. They are in my car, by the bed, in the office, in the kitchen and living room. Some of my markers are 5 or more years old.


 My SHARPIE markers have never failed me as long as I keep the top on tightly (which I do).

 My Bic Markit markers (which are not as old as the Sharpie) were dried out when I went to use them. I was in shock. This was not supposed to happen. Markers are not supposed to have an expiration date. When I use all the ink in the marker, I understand. But these were new out of the pack. Granted the pack was 3 years old, but I never had an issue with Sharpies drying out.

 Despite the fact that the BIC markers were cheaper, they lost MAJOR points because they dried out before I had a chance to use them. 

Office Supplies Showdown Winner: SHARPIE

Day 2 – 30 day #livelovesimple blog challenge

I am doing this blog challenge in support of my friend and fellow blogger Sarah from Not Your Average Sardines  . Check out her blog too.


20 Facts about Me

Be forewarned: This is going to be a long post.

1 I love to read. You probably already figured that out by the fact that I have so many book reviews on my blog.
2 I am a foodie. This also probably comes as no surprise, especially since I have a feature called “Foodie Friday” on my blog.

3 I am married to a really great guy. We are a prime example of opposites attract. He is extremely introverted and I am extroverted. It might be seem that it would not work, but it works well for us.

4 Amanda Quick is my favorite Victorian era romance author. I love her books even though they follow a very consistent, standard formula: grumpy, fallen-from-grace man and an exuberant, extremely independent woman have to solve a mystery which usually ties into something that happened in their past. While the basic plot would seem to become clichéd, it works because she has very entertaining, witty dialogue. My favorite novels are Dangerous and Ravished.
5 I speak Spanish. I even have a Spanish language review on my blog. There are not many books that are translated into Spanish for me do that often.
6 I like discovering new authors. Not many of the books I read are from the New York’s Bestseller list.

7 I like to play tennis. I started playing 3 years ago and I am hooked. I never was into playing sports as a child, but now tennis is the only sport that can keep my interest. I even like watching the sport. My favorite racquet at the moment is Prince O3 Red MP + 105 Tennis Racquet 4-1/4 Grip – Strung.
8 I volunteer for the local United Way office on the investment committee.
9 I love lip glosses. Right now on my desk I have Plum Mint by CO Bigelow and Hussy Lip Polish by Merle Norman. Both are moisturizing and provide light tint to my lips.
10 I am an office supplies fiend. Sharpie is my all-time favorite brand for markers because they never seem to dry out.
11 I write poetry. You can visit my other blog to see examples of my writings.
12 I love trying new wines. My favorite wine varieties are Moscato, Riesling, and Merlot.
13 I am very loyal. I have been friends with my besties pretty much since our births (we are in our 30’s now).

14 My favorite food is bacon.

15 I do not have children.
16 I have only been married once.
17 I do not have any pets, but I love dogsitting my sister-in-law’s dog and my Nana’s cat treats our yard as her own personal playground.
18 I like painting.
19 I have a handbag obsession. My favorite brand at the moment is Coach, mainly because they have a selection of leather in various colors and have wide, sturdy straps.
20 My favorite color is blue.