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Invitation is a short and sweet romance

An Invitation to Pleasure (A Scandalous Regency Christmas) ♥♥♥

In the prologue, Fergus does his best to convince Susanna that she should not marry Jason Mountjoy. He says the man is no good, without scruples, and is only after her money. Fergus is not successful and she Jason him anyway.

Three years later, Susanna is no longer the naïve miss with notions of romance. However, she is grateful to be a widow instead of suffering in a marriage to a man who was every bit the scum that Fergus described and more. From her life’s lesson, she does not want to get married again.

Fergus has invited her to his home now that he is the Laird of Kilmun to visit his home in the Highlands. He does not tell her, but he invited her for a purpose: make her his wife. He still harbored some guild for not being able to persuade her not to marry Jason. Plus he was in love with her. Fergus thought it would be easy, but quickly realized he had a challenge in trying to romance wary Susanna.

There was not a lot of character development. The story relies heavily on the fact that the characters have a past. The whole story is Fergus trying to convince Susanna to take a chance on him. Overall, An Invitation to Pleasure was a cute, short story. I put this in the category of a light reading when waiting at the doctor’s office or before going to bed. I would not describe it as “Scandalous” because it did not have too graphic love scenes.


Forevermore is so cute

Scale of 1 – 5: ♥ ♥ ♥♥

In this novella, Cameron sets his sights on Clarice when he met her while visiting for his cousin’s wedding. He was a man who knew what he wanted and was confident that he would succeed. Clarice was a widow who did not have good experiences with men. In short, even though she was attracted to Cameron, she did not think she was worthy of his intentions.

Cameron was a man with little time before he had to return home, so he had to make the most of every opportunity to show Clarice how he felt. It was love at first sight. All perceived barriers would not prevent him from having the woman with whom he fell in love.

I loved the story. Clarice was full of reasons why it would not work. Cameron shot holes through everyone. I particularly liked how it ended. Yes it is a given that it is a happy ever after ending, but Cameron’s finesse was top-notch. I loved his attitude. Even though this is a novella, I thought the characters had enough depth for the story.

It is rare that I rate a novella so highly, but I loved everything about this book. Buy this book!!!! You will not be disappointed.

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