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Romancing in the workplace is only for story books

As the story starts, Violet is a secretary for attorney Blake. She likes her job but she does not appreciate his brusque treatment. He seems to save the especially unkind words for her and this is worsened when he found out she has a crush on him. Considering he has been treating her like crap, I cannot understand why she cares for  him.

In any case, she cannot take it anymore and ends up quitting her job and working for his enemy. He created a hostile work environment and, in my opinion, she could have sued him. We all know that would not have made a good love story, but I digress.

While in her new job she improves her wardrobe loses weight and begins to get her hair done. Since this is a small town Blake still sees her quite often. He gets a tinge of jealousy and make subtle hints for Violet to return to work for him.

The author description of Violet makes me think she was kind of homely and overweight. As a result Blake was not interested in her. But once she started exercising wearing make up and getting her hair done he took notice.

  • Does that make him shallow?
  • Or is it that she began to have more self-confidence she was ready to be in a relationship?

I have not figured out which is the case for this book. If you read it, let me know what you think.

Other than that, Boss Man had some surprises that thicken the story’s plot and made it very interesting. In the end Blake might technically be the boss but Violet has a lot to say too.