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Foodie Friday: The Brick #macongarestaurants


The Brick

This restaurant was recommended to me by my friend and she said it had a lot of good reviews on various websites. So we decided to check it out. They are called the brick because they have a brick oven that they used to cook their pizzas. I love that! They also had a usual pasta dishes along with wings and other types of bar food appetizers.

We got there early (about 5pm in a Saturday), so as you can see we had our pick of seats. As it got later in the evening, the traffic did start to pick up and fill the restaurant.

My auntie ordered the spaghetti and meatballs. They gave generous portions of pasta, sauce, and meatballs. She enjoyed it and said that the garlic bread was delicious. My husband also got the spaghetti and his only criticism was that the marinara sauce was too sweet for him.

I decided that I wanted wings and pizza, so I ordered a small side of wings and a slice of pizza. I thought about ordering a small pizza, but then decided one slice should be enough. The rationale for that was that if one slice was not enough I could always order another size. But if I ordered a whole pizza, I thought it might go to waste.

As you can see, the slice of pizza it was huge! Almost the size of my hand. I ate all of my wings and only half of my slice of pizza.

TOW Final Word
It was delicious and I loved the atmosphere. Tables were spread out which is a definite plus during these times.

1305 Hardeman Avenue
Macon, GA 31201
(478) 254-3632


Kitchen Hours
Monday – Saturday 11am – 10pm
Sunday Noon – 9pm


Cafe at the Corner – Hapeville, GA

Café at the Corner in Hapeville GA is a small French bistro that is open for lunch only. Hapeville is a little town near the Atlanta airport. You know that the food must be good when a small town restaurant on Main street is only open for a few hours each day. When I arrived at the restaurant with my lunch group, the line was snaked around in front of the food counter. There were so many delicious choices that the 10 minutes waiting time was almost not enough for me to make up my mind. And most of that time was spent trying to decide what dessert I wanted.

I decided to order the tomato bisque, spinach quiche, and cheesecake topped with cherries. This was some of the best tomato soup I have ever had. It was creamy. The coarse cracked pepper on top added a little crunch and explosion of pepper flavor that goes well with the tomatoes. The spinach quiche was well put together and the crust was flakey with the right amount of cheese sauce.

All of the meal was leading up to my favorite part: dessert <insert applause and cheers here>. The cheesecake was rich, smooth, with perfect texture. It was not too sweet. There were more cherries than the cherry filling, which was a plus in my favor.

One of my lunch companions ordered the cake topped with frosting and almonds (seen in the picture at the top). I wish I could have tasted her cake because it looked so scrumptious when she was eating it. And it did not help that she was making sound effects like "Mmmmm this is so good". I thought about asking to taste her cake, but I did not want to offer a taste of my cheesecake. I decided to leave that alone and the next visit here I will try the Almond cake (don’t know the name of it but that is what I am calling it).

Overall: I really enjoyed eating at Café at the Corner. I did not expect such delicious food in this small town next to the airport. But now that I know about it, I am glad it exists!

King Of Pops

Gourmet ice pops in Downtown Atlanta
It is worth the search to find the King of Pops stand. Here you can find handmade popsicles in flavors you would not even imagine. My last visit, I tried the blackberry ginger lemonade. I was concerned that I would stain my shirt in the Atlanta heat if a drop of my popsicle dripped. There was not a chance of that happening. I ate the popsicle so fast, not because I was worried about the drips, but because it was so good. The fruitiness of the blackberries added depth of flavor and sweetness to balance the tartness of the lemonade. Then the light ginger flavor provided a refreshing palate cleanser to allow my taste buds to enjoy the other flavors.
This was a gourmet ice popsicle, tastefully delicious to the last drop, and worth every cent.

Atlanta restaurant review – Veni Vidi Veci

I was in Atlanta November 2010 and wanted some really good Italian food. I did not want to go to a chain restaurant but wanted to visit a place with a little more personality. My friend recommended going downtown to Veni Vedi Veci. I checked the website and saw they recommended making reservations. They use Open Table reservation system so it was easy and quick to reserve a table. Unfortunately for me, Atlanta traffic was going to make me late for my original reservation time. I called the restaurant and changed the time with no problem. The person that answered the phone was polite and courteous. At one point on my way to the restaurant I was lost, I called the restaurant again and the person gave me directions. Once I finally arrived, the valet parked my car and I went inside.

The hostess took my name and seated me almost immediately. I wanted to taste everything on their menu because it looked so delicious. I decided to go for the three course menu for $29.

For my Antipasti, I chose shrimp polenta. I thought this was a fitting dish for an Italian restaurant located in the South since people love to eat shrimp and grits. The shrimp were very tasty and not overcooked. The texture was firm but not tough. The polenta was creamy and cheesy. I am not a big fan of polenta, but I can say this was probably some of the best tasting that I have ever tried.

For my Primi, I chose rigatoni with sweet peppers. Only one word to describe this dish: SUPERB. It was really good. It was not spicy for those people who cannot handle

For my Secondi, I chose Trota Salmonata. This was Idaho Red Trout cooked with olive oil and parsley, served with potatoes. The skin on the trout was crispy, while the fish flaked apart without much effort. It tasted very fresh.

For dessert, I decided to try their strawberry with marscapone pizza. The server did not describe this dish very well and I was disappointed. It was a pizza (dough was not sweet) with strawberries (that were not sweet) and marscapone cheese (that was not really sweet). And it was served hot. So after the light delicious flavors from dinner, I had this warm not quite sweet, not quite savory pizza. I tried to eat just the strawberries, but eventually gave up on that. Since I love my desserts, this was a disappointment. If they had added more sugar, I think that it might have tasted better. The overall concept had promise, but there was a lot missing in the execution.

Overall, I would go here again. Next time, I would probably not experiment on the desserts and just go with cheesecake. It is hard to screw up cheesecake.


Veni Vidi Vici

41 Fourteenth Street Atlanta, GA 30309

Cross Street:

(404) 875-8424