Romance Novel Review: Hot Westmoreland Nights – Brenda Jackson

Introverted, sheepherder Ramsey Westmoreland is more interested in his sheep than a relationship. He was emotionally detached because he was burned years ago by an unfaithful woman. So when he is approached by a successful woman’s magazine, Simply Irresistible, to be their fine, sexy front page model, he says no. Chloe is the editor of the magazine and decides that she will not take no for an answer. She travels out to his ranch with the intentions of changing his mind. Because of a case of mistaken identity, she does not get to tell him about that and ends up working for him as a ranch cook for two weeks.

It may sound really farfetched, but once you read how it happens, you can understand how Chloe got in the predicament. And then it is funny, but you know the time is going to come when the truth is going to come out.

While struggling to deal with the issues that made them both previously swear off relationships, Ramsey and Chloe have to come to terms with the fact that they have more than a passing attraction. And they do, it makes for some hot and steamy nights!

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