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Liebster Blog award

liebesterThanks Rohan for nominating my blog for the Liebster Award. Thanks for thinking of me 🙂

Questions to Answer

1. What is your favorite kitchen? My kitchen when hubby is cooking some of his seriously good eats

2. What you hate the most about people? I hate the senseless violence and cruelty against woman, children, animals… well, violence and cruelty period.

3 . Where would you travel first, if the money won`t matter? I would go to Japan the foodie capital of the world. Home of the ramen. Yum!

5. What is your favorite part of the day? Why? Nighttime because I get my best creative ideas when I am getting ready to go bed. It’s a blessing and a curse…

6. Where would you like to live? Belize- the birthplace of my Nana

7. What is  one of the funniest things you have ever done? Sang karaoke with friends “Friends in low places” by Garth Brooks- it was pretty hilarious

8.  Which movie is better than the book? Don’t know if that is ever possible!

9. What is your favorite song? Why? As Long As the Grass Shall Grow by Johnny Cash – it is a classic love song about the journey of two people who had to wait for their time to love. But once together, nothing will ever separate them and they will love “as long as the grass shall grow”…It gets me in my heart every time

10. What is the first thing on your bucket list? I don’t have a “bucket list” but I do have a “To Do list” and I want to go to Smithsonian in DC (I know! I cannot believe I have never been!)

11. Who is your favorite actor/actress? Mark Walberg is a HOTTIE – in the words of Dottie from Animaniacs “Hellooooo Nurse!” (am I the only one who remembers that show?)

Now to name 11 8 blogs well worth a visit and ‘nominate’ them in turn (supposed to name 11 but I only have 8 nominations)

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Bachelor Undone – a Kimani Romance

Bachelor Undone (Kimani Romance)

I was looking for a Brenda Jackson book so that I could get my romance novel fix from an author who does a good job of presenting the characters in a somewhat believable way without making the story line too corny. Instead of a Westmoreland book, I chose a Kimani romance. Darcelle “Darcy” and York Ellis are the main characters. Darcy is a city planner that is taking a much needed vacation in Jamaica. York is a security consulting expert on the job working for a client shooting a film in Jamaica.

Not surprising, Darcy and York have history. Her best friend is married to one of his god-brothers.

After an unhappy first marriage, Darcy immersed herself in work. Now she is taking a vacation and looking for some fun. Her plan is to get her “groove back” and indulge in an island romance.

York is in Jamaica on business but gets sidetracked by the fact that Darcy is there. Darcy is looking for some excitement, but York seems to take issue with the attention other men are showing her. This is humorous for the reader but confusing for York since he is supposed to the ultimate bachelor that will never succumb to tying the knot. While York sorts out his feelings for Darcy, she is trying to figure out what it is about him that makes her always want to be contrary. She has to ask herself if a relationship with York really be that bad. Even if they don’t have romantic liaison, what is preventing them from being friends? When they stop being argumentative with one another, they realize that they actually like each other and have a lot of similar traits.

Bachelor Undone (Kimani Romance) is fun. I like that it is not really a love-at-first-sight novel. Since the characters have history, it allows them to draw from previous experiences to help them to understand their attraction and develop their romantic relationship. Both characters are feisty and opinionated in their own right, which makes for a lively story. If you like any of Brenda Jackson’s other novels, I recommend you read this one also.

Greek mythology love story new millenium style

Aphrodite’s Kiss (Protectors (Superhero Series))

This book is a modern-day version of Greek mythology meets the X-Men. There are people with special powers and mortals. A person who is considered a halfling is a person with a parent with superpowers and the other mortal. Once they reach the age of 25 they have a decision to make. They have to decide whether they want to embrace their powers or to become fully mortal.

So in the story, Zoe is almost at her 25th birthday and she’s trying to make a decision whether she wants to become mortal and reject her powers or whether she wants to embrace her powers. In order to embrace her powers she has to tell her mother about them. Which is made a little bit more difficult because her mother rejected her father when she found out about his powers years ago.

So while she has this inner struggle going on, she meets Taylor. She’s always stayed away from guys but for some reason Taylor and her have an instant attraction. Her mortal friend Deena tells her that she should pursue the relationship with Taylor even if it is just a fling.

One of her powers is hypersensitivity.  She can barely eat food because of all of the sensations that she has in her mouth from eating them. So she’s trying to figure out how is she going to deal with a physical relationship with a guy having this hypersensitivity. Deena tells her that she should see this as an opportunity to enjoy her life, while her brother (who is very overprotective) tries to tell her not to pursue it at all. Zoe ends up pursuing the relationship. Yay.

The characters were very sweet. Taylor was hilarious and Zoe was conflicted but she had good reason. Taylor is looking for a girl that is without drama without excitement. At first Zoe seems that way. He falls hard and then he finds out the truth. But just like Zoe, having to embrace her powers, he embraces his love for her. I won’t give away too much of the story but it has a lot of different twists. It’s very interesting how Zoe comes into her own to embrace her powers. I like the dynamic between her mom and her and her mortal friends.

It makes for a very interesting story. Zoe was the type of person who seem to stand out, never really fitting in with the group. So it is good that she is able to find friends that support her and care for her. Since I have expounded numerous times how much I like happy endings and I like Aphrodite’s Kiss (Protectors (Superhero Series)) , it had a happy ending.

Another hot Westmoreland going after what he wants and The Chase is ON!

The Chase Is On (Silhouette Desire)   by Brenda Jackson

Chase Westmoreland owns a soul food restaurant and Jessica opens a bakery next door. And since a romance novel is nothing without a little drama, Jessica is the granddaughter of the assumed nemesis of Chase’s grandfather. She is trying to find out what happened to cause the rift between the two men.
Chase’s grandfather told him never to trust any member of Jessica’s family. So it gets complicated. Jessica knows who Chase is hoping she can find out what really happened before Chase finds out whose family she is part of. Jessica’s reasons for leaving that information out of the introductions has a lot to do with the fact that she was hoping to prove and present Chase with the proof that will substantiate her grandfather’s innocence. But she knows that the longer she waits, the harder it will be when the truth comes out.
While Chase turned on the charm as soon as he realized he has a cutie for his business neighbor, Jessica began a losing battle trying not to reciprocate. Once she gives in hesitantly, the immediate attraction seems to be smooth sailing until Chase finds out that she has withheld some pertinent information pertaining to her ancestry. With both of them having relationship issues because of previous experiences (e.g. her father was class A jerk), it is interesting to see how they end up together at all.

The Chase Is On (Silhouette Desire) is entertaining, funny, and a little nail-biting at the same time. As the reader, I had information that Chase did not and as I got to know his personality, I wondered how he was going to react when he found out. This is another must read from Brenda Jackson.

Romance Novel Review: Hot Westmoreland Nights – Brenda Jackson

Introverted, sheepherder Ramsey Westmoreland is more interested in his sheep than a relationship. He was emotionally detached because he was burned years ago by an unfaithful woman. So when he is approached by a successful woman’s magazine, Simply Irresistible, to be their fine, sexy front page model, he says no. Chloe is the editor of the magazine and decides that she will not take no for an answer. She travels out to his ranch with the intentions of changing his mind. Because of a case of mistaken identity, she does not get to tell him about that and ends up working for him as a ranch cook for two weeks.

It may sound really farfetched, but once you read how it happens, you can understand how Chloe got in the predicament. And then it is funny, but you know the time is going to come when the truth is going to come out.

While struggling to deal with the issues that made them both previously swear off relationships, Ramsey and Chloe have to come to terms with the fact that they have more than a passing attraction. And they do, it makes for some hot and steamy nights!

For more about my thoughts on author Brenda Jackson, check out post http://wp.me/p1P7gt-3U