Cositas Ricas

I don’t have a lot to say about Colombia restaurant Cositas Ricas (located in Greenville SC) but that is one of my favorite places to buy empanadas de pollo (chicken empanadas). It seems that every Latin American country has their version of an empanada. An empanada is a dough or pastry with a yummy filling. Some are sweet and some are savory. The sweet empanadas have fruit or jam in them. The savory empanadas have meat fillings. I like them all.

When it comes to meat fillings, Cositas Ricas does a good job by heavily seasoning the chicken and adding bits of potato to the filling. I don’t know if this is the authentic Colombian way to make empanadas or a Latin fusion because Greenville is home to Hispanics from many different Latin countries.

It does not really matter because the result is delectable goodness. I usually call ahead and order at least 5. Last time I went, I think these cost $1 each but I did not really pay attention to the price. I am usually ordering a lot of other things off of their menu so it is hard to keep up with how much each item costs.

This post is all about a moment I was having where I wished I was eating an empanada de pollo for lunch today. Next time I am in Greenville, I will have to make a stop and place my order.


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