Old Main Catering

Old Main Catering (hereafter referred to as OMC) is the best catering I have tasted in Greenwood SC so far because they offer so many different dishes and their presentation is always perfect.

In the last few months I have been to several events that have been catered by OMC, and I have left wishing I had more. Alas, all I have are pictures and memories.
In the picture clockwise: chicken cordon bleu, roasted potatoes, shortbread with sweet cream blueberries strawberries, sundried tomato dip with veggie spears, chocolate mousse, and key lime cheesecake in a dark chocolate shell

Chicken cordon bleu – the sauce did not need additional salt or pepper, creamy but not too gummy or pasty tasting
Roasted potatoes – seasoned with herbs (don’t know what kind but it was tasty)
Shortbread with sweet cream blueberries strawberries – the shortbread cookie was not too crumbly or dry. The cream was not too sweet. It was not as heavy as a pudding or custard, but not as light as whipped cream. The fresh fruit set off the dessert as the perfect touch. Sigh! I wish I had more now…

Sundried tomato dip with veggie spears – The concept was simple with an elegant presentation.
Chocolate mousse – I liked the presentation of this also. The mousse was creamy and full of chocolate flavor. It was rich but not overwhelming.
Key lime cheesecake in a dark chocolate shell – The key lime cheesecake filling was tart and sweet at the same time. The chocolate shell melted in my mouth. The portion size was just enough to fit into my mouth in one bite.

Any event that has OMC providing the food is going to be AMAZING and the presentation will be picture perfect.


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