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Wahoo Fish tacos

I went to the Wahoo’s Fish Tacos in Austin Texas (on Congress across from food truck Nomad Dosa). This is a chain restaurant, but it did not feel like it. The service and atmosphere in the restaurant was comfortable like it was on the beach somewhere. Since that is the vibe they are going for, I would say that they did a good job of replicating to original restaurant’s concept.

I went during Happy Hour and there was a discount on the margaritas. I do not know what time Happy Hour started, but it was over at 7 pm. Thankfully for me, I got there about 6:30.
Of course, I ordered fish tacos because that is what they are known for. Since I was not that hungry but I wanted to eat something while I was drinking, I only ordered 2 tacos.

The fish in the taco was firm but flaked apart when I bit in to it. The Cajun spices were just enough so that the fish was well-seasoned. I should have taken a picture of the fish instead of the whole taco. I don’t know what fish was used for the taco but this was the best fish taco I have ever had.

The margarita was tasty enough. There was not enough tequila to my liking (but I like STRONG margaritas, plus I was in Austin a few weeks after going to Cancun which spoiled my taste buds). The size of the margarita was just enough for me considering what I had to eat.

Overall: The meal was fresh and light. And the margarita was a refreshing complement to the food. I loved my food and would return for seconds.

Nomad dosa – food truck Austin TX

If you are like me, you probably never had a dosa before. It is best described as an Indian crepe.
I was in Austin for dinner and I did not know what I wanted to eat. After driving around, I knew that I wanted something light because I did not feel like eating too much. I decided on the food truck Nomad Dosa.

I ordered crispy dosa Kerala Kokonut (butternut squash, zucchini, carrots, eggplant, cauliflower, avocado). I chose basmati rice and sambar lentil soup as my side items. The lentil soup was good. Usually I don’t like eating beans, but if they are pureed into a smooth milkshake-like consistency, it is palatable.

By accident, I ended up eating a purely vegetarian meal. It was so tasty that it was not until afterwards that I realized, "Hey I did not eat any meat." From the picture of the food, you can see that once I began to eat , the filling is not the most appealing looking food. Trust me when I say it tasted better than it looked. It was just what I needed too- something light, but filling. The feeling of fullness made me start to wonder if I should try to go vegetarian for the health benefits, but then I thought about bacon and nixed that. Mmmmm bacon. But I digress.

Overall, this is a dish that will appeal to meat eaters and vegetarians alike. It has enough depth that you won’t miss the meat. Like most Indian food, it was full of spicy (not heat) flavors that stayed with me after I finished my meal. I had to brush my teeth and rinse with mouthwash to regain feeling in my taste buds.

Hey Cupcake – Austin TX

Hey Cupcake – in a food truck park on Congress in Austin Texas
If you have not figured out by now, I love desserts especially cupcakes. When I was in Austin Texas I saw this on the converted it into a food truck selling cupcakes. I had to have one of course.

Of all the flavors, carrot cake cupcakes stood out the most for me. I used a couple of factors in determining my choice.

  • The difficulty or time involved for me to make myself. I like to bake so I know what goes in to baking a cake. So if I am going to buy a cupcake I like to choose flavors that are very complex and would require more time and effort for me to make myself.
  • The availability in my home town. There are several bakeries in my hometown that also serve cupcakes. If I’m going to buy a flavor of cupcake, I wanted to be something that I cannot readily purchase in my hometown.

So that being said, any time I can get a carrot cake cupcake I’m going to try that one (I don’t like spending all that time shredding carrots).


This carrot cake cupcake was so delicious. It had large pieces of walnuts in its which made me so happy. The cake was moist and full of carrot pieces which provided a rich flavor. The cream cheese frosting was also very tasty. It was super creamy with a consistency of room temperature butter. This was quite possibly one of the best carrot cake cupcakes that I have ever had. I did not ask the food truck vendor for the recipe for the cupcake (I think that would have been rude to ask for the recipe at a restaurant since they might think you want to make at home instead of buying from them) but the cake tasted very similar to a recipe that I downloaded from food network’s website. It was an Emeril’s carrot cake recipe.

Final verdict: When I am in Austin Texas again, I definitely have to stop by Hey Cupcake for more delicious treats.