2013 in review: A REALLY GOOD YEAR

When I look back over all the things that happened in 2013, I must say that I am thankful that it was a very good year for me. For my blog annual review, click this link https://amaryllisturman.wordpress.com/2013/annual-report/

– Did my first of many 5k races (Run your ice off) and continued running. Most notably I did a Mud Run and a Color Run. That is saying a lot because I do not like to get dirty.

– Qualified with my tennis team to go to State championships twice and my doubles partner and I won a one tennis tournament.

– Did a lot of traveling with the hubby, best vacay locale: Honolulu Hawaii

– Saw Mumford and sons in concert and it was AMAZING

– Went zip-lining for the first time through the jungles of Mexico and that was pretty cool

I am ready and excited for what new adventures I will have in 2014!


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