Roll the Dice

Roll the Dice: Book #2 (Hot Romance & Powerful Suspense – Vegas Series) ♥♥♥

This book picks up where Partners left off. Kai and Aurora have their individual reasons for catching the serial rapist. While they deal with the stress of knowing the monster is out there, they have to address their feelings toward each other. It becomes obvious that their friends are trying to set them up.

Kai does not think they have a future together. I did not totally agree with his logic. Aurora is putting on a tough girl act to hide the fact that she wants to be loved and start a family. I felt sorry for her. She has to pretend in public that she does not want the main thing she really desires to have. Kai is so perceptive to the real “her” that the potential commitment scares him.

I found this book under the genre of romance. As a romance, I found the story lacking an ending. It does not give any indication of the future of them as a couple. I would consider this to be more of an action suspense story with some romance elements.

I was relieved to know that the catch the rapist. By the end, I was wondering how many more victims would be defiled by this sicko before he was caught. I could not figure out if he was really good at staying two steps ahead of the police or were they inept. The ending was anticlimactic for me given the pace of the book. Others might find it satisfying though.

I guess the romance elements of Roll the Dice are truer to life than others because Kai and Aurora had so many personal demons to contend with in order to decide what they wanted to do. There was not a convenient set of circumstances that allowed for love to blossom for the couple. In the end, it was still seemingly undetermined what was going to happen. Coming to the end of the book was more like reading end of a chapter. I thought, “Really? She is going to end the book like that?” The author sucked me in so that I would be forced to buy the next installment. I do not like be sucked in for anything. I begrudgingly bought the next book so that I could see how their story ended.

Reader, take notice. This series of books is written in such a way that you have to read them in order AND read all of them to get the whole story. That is something I wish someone had told me before I chose the book.

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