In Bed With the Highlander

In Bed with the Highlander ♥ ♥ ♥♥


Moirag is on a holiday to research her family history. She is staying in a castle for the night in the year 2013. When she wakes up during the night, there is a hot guy in her bed and the year is 1715.

Gavin is a highlander whose fortune is getting better and better. Yet, he does not know what to make of Moirag and her story.


I was not prepared for the time travel aspect of the book (I missed that tidbit when reading the synopsis), but I loved it. In any event, this was a fun short story that is about 70 pages.

The back-and-forth between the two characters was entertaining. Both were trying to figure out what happened.

Gavin was definitely intrigued by Moirag because she was like no woman he had ever known. It took some time for Moirag to come to terms with the fact that she travelled through time and was not in an elaborate dream sequence. I think that would be a normal reaction if a person was mysteriously thrust back in time. And if it was a dream, no time like the present to get to know this hottie Highlander.

Since the story was short, I do not want to say too much and give anything way. However, what made this book for me was the way it ended. LOVED IT. Too cute. Perfect. Whenever time travel is involved, there could be a few different possible endings. Not everyone fits each story line. The author got it right with this one.

It may only take about an hour to read, but this book will have you wanting to sleep in an old castle to see if time travel is really possible. What would you do for the chance at meeting a sexy Highlander? 😉


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