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Spotlight Tour: Losing Grace by Allie Little @_AllieLittle #romance #amreading #giveaway

Title – Losing Grace: A Falling Away Stand-Alone Novel
Author: Allie Little
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 12, 2017
Grace is on the run. With her marriage in tatters and a possessive ex-husband tracking her every move, Grace needs all the help she can muster to rebuild her shattered life. With Grandma Bess as her only family, Grace allows restaurant boss Riley to whisk her away to the picturesque town of Shoal Bay on Australia’s east coast. Secluded in the beauty of the bay, Grace fights their inevitable attraction, hoping that days full of sunshine and nights full of stars will be enough to heal her heart. 


Riley is looking for love. Successful and single, Riley is tired of being his corrupt father’s lackey in the family-run business. Having branched out on his own with a string of lavish beachside restaurants, Riley embarks on a mission to leave the pressure of family expectation firmly behind him. Or so he thought…

From the white sands of Manly to the glistening shores of Shoal Bay, Riley is determined to fix Grace’s predicament. But Grace is on a collision course with her past – one that could easily end in heartbreak.

A Falling Away spinoff novel.


“What I can say is how much I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED it, and devoured it in one sitting.” – The Power of Three Readers

“This is the first time I have read this authors work, and goodness, I am certainly a new fan!” – Wendy’s Book Blog

“There was also some shocking moments that really surprised me.” – Amazon Reviewer

Allie is a Sydney-based writer who believes in telling stories that resonate with the heart. Allie is the author of Falling Away, a young adult contemporary romance, and now Losing Grace, a standalone spinoff in the Falling Away series. Allie is also the author of Cloud Quest, a fantasy quest adventure story for middle-grade readers. 


Allie found a love for writing at the age of seven, and years later as a university student completed her first novel. She filled journals with short stories and poems, using writing as an emotional outlet for the experiences she encountered on a day-to day basis. 

Born and raised in Sydney, Allie spent her summer holidays on the beach in Port Stephens, an idyllic marine area on the east coast of New South Wales. Now, juggling motherhood, part-time work as a hospital social worker and mostly nocturnal writing habits, Allie still spends her holidays on the white sandy beaches of Port Stephens. Allie believes the ocean is essential for her soul and her love for the sea is featured in her work, where coastal scenes and settings are integral to the stories. She also has a penchant for drinking way too many Chai lattes and has an unfortunate chocolate addiction. Dark, of course.


Countess Curvy: A Curvy Girl’s Earl #BBWromance

Countess Curvy: A Curvy Girl’s Earl (A Curvy Girl’s Guide to Love Book 1)


Audrey is curvy and she is proud of it. She is not going to turn down a pastry to be in a smaller dress size.

Duncan is attracted to Audrey, but he has a difficult time convincing her that she is his type.


This is your typical big-girl-with-self-esteem-but-the-hot-guy-could-not-want-me story.

Audrey rebuffs Duncan’s advances because she does not think she fits the image of what a girl who dates an earl would look like. She thinks that he will just break her heart when he is tired of her.

Of course in the end, Duncan has to make an enormous gesture to prove his love.

The story is like a cream puff, sweet but not very filling. There was not a lot of substance to the story; nor was there much character development. It was still a fun story. While it might seem to be fantasy, there is a certain aspect of it that could possibly happen. Look at Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla.

Should you buy? I am undecided. I think that if the book is on sale, get it. I know. I know. I have a warped view of how much book I should get for my money. I borrowed this book from a friend. I do not think reading it was  waste of time, but I think if I had to pay $2.99 for it, I would have passed.

Book details from Amazon
File Size: 379 KB
Print Length: 109 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Wicked ePub (June 7, 2014)
Publication Date: June 7, 2014
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.


Love in all the wrong places- Book one in the LA series

Love in All the Wrong Places (Love in L.A.)


Annie has been unlucky in love her whole life. She decides to try to find someone by posting an ad of Craigslist.

She meets Gabe, a real estate agent. When that does not work out, she meets Nate, a social worker.

After these two guys, she is left wondering what she is doing wrong because both relationships failed.

By 85% of the book (I have a Kindle so I do not know page numbers) , she meets Casey, a dancer (not the exotic kind).  The book ends with him asking Annie on a date.


I was so distracted by the cover that I missed the fact that this was not a complete story. It ends with a cliffhanger.

But since that was my own fault, I am not going to downgrade my rating on that.

Here is how I describe the main characters of the book **WITH SPOILERS**

Gabe – Douche who breaks it off with Annie to go back to his pregnant girlfriend

Nate – Flake who disappears after their first time together

Annie – Desperate to be in a relationship that she makes a lot of bad partner decisions. Most importantly for Annie, she needs to stop sleeping with these guys on the first date. She is so sure that the relationship is going to to work and when it does not, she is surprised. This girl needs to stop jumping in bed with every guy that smiles at her. If she would take the physical part of the relationship out of the equation, then she could spend quality time with the guy and get to know him.

Annie wants to do online dating but somehow paying for a reputable dating service seems more desperate to her than posting on Craigslist. Talk about twisted logic. Give me e-harmony or match.com over Craigslist any day. Ok Cupid is probably better than Craigslist and my friend said there are a lot of creepers on there too.

This book was not romance. It was plain old fiction. In my opinion, it reads like a few “Sex in the City” episodes mashed together.

Three strikes against this book as a romance because (1) it is not complete (2) Annie is not someone I liked (3) no hero is clearly identified. I feel sorry for her because she was not in any emotional position to be in a healthy relationship. She needs to grow and mature. Maybe she will in the following books in the series, but I am not willing to bet my time on her character evolution. I am more of a cut-my-losses-and-run type of girl.

Should you buy? Pass unless you like reading about women having lots of one night stands while trying to figure out what went wrong the day after.


Good Girls Don’t but they need to do better

Good Girls Don’t (Hqn) ♥♥♥

Tessa is trying to do everything to hold her family together. All she has are her two brothers who are at each other’s throats because they differ in opinion of how to operate the family business. When there is a break-in, investigator Luke is on the case. Sparks are flying between them two and this prompts Tessa to seek Luke out for some consenting adult activities.

Tessa hides their affair from her overprotective brothers (which I think is a little ridiculous). Luke was a reluctant party in the affair because he is still bitter from the fact that his ex-wife left his while she had cancer. What does that say about him? His sick wife would rather be alone than have someone like him to lean on?

Tessa’s personality mildly annoyed me. On many occasions, she acted like a brat and tried to control everything to keep her brothers insulated. In her attempts to play peacemaker and keep everyone content, she would tell little lies. Deception gets complicated very quickly. This would end up stressing her out. When Tessa went off on Luke, I thought she was an idiot because there was no reason to take out her anger on him. She was exposed for all her misdeeds but she flipped it to make him somehow responsible.

Overall, Good Girls Don’t was more about Tessa coming to terms with her own bad behavior than the actual Tessa-Luke romance. Even with both of them being two emotionally messed up individuals, there is a happy-ever-after ending and all loose ends are resolved.

Side note: I still do not know what was the purpose of spending so much time on Wallace’s sex life. I do not see what it added to the story.