Photo Blogging Challenge March 2015 theme: TWO #photoblog

March’s theme for the photo blogging challenge hosted by was the number 2 in celebration that it has been two years since he started this challenge.

Picture #1

When I took this picture we two of our peach trees had blossoms. I had to take a close up shot of it. I love close up shots of flowers.


My uncle and I went to see the 2pm matinée show of the play Willy Wonka at the local community theatre. We had to take an “us-eee”. Just the two of us. It was a fun time. Of course, my uncle (unprompted by me) did his usual deuces. Peace to everyone!


I went to a conference and I limited myself at lunch to two of these red velvet whoopie pies. Old Main Catering has done it again! The red velvet cake was so delicious with a hint of chocolate. The cream cheese frosting filling was divine! Creamy. Smooth. Sweet but not overly sweet. I wish I had taken the whole tray. My waistline is happy I only ate two though.



I went to an oyster roast hosted by the rotary club. I took a picture of these two oysters because these were the last two before we received our next bucket. This is one event where my hubby wants to attend. He is slim and trim but can eat double his weight in oysters if you let him. Oyster knife in one hand and hot sauce in the other.


I went bowling with friends and these are the two balls that I used. Still did not break 100. The highest score I had was 82. The lowest was 48. Both divisible by 2 🙂 Funny side note: we were on lane 22.


***Bonus picture***

We went to a bacon festival (YES that is a thing in Columbia SC. We knew one of the vendors (Debbie from Divine Smoke for Carolina Pride) and she let us try these Bacon-Oreo cream cheese concoction that her daughter made (looks like a truffle but she called it a cookie). In the center of each is a piece of bacon. In the milk chocolate on top is bits of crunchy bacon. A very rich, decadent dessert. Delicious to the max! I told my friend that her daughter has talent. I hope she remembers me when her daughter is a fancy pastry chef somewhere!



16 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge March 2015 theme: TWO #photoblog

  1. Ha, your uncle with his great pose! He looks like a fun dude. 🙂

    And all that yummy food! I definitely would not have been able to limit myself to just two of those sweets. So, kudos to you! 😀


  2. Aaaah … that food looks good!! And I like the way you tackled this one, not necessarily putting two identical things in each pic, but being a bit more creative!


  3. Okay, I looked at that peach blossom for quite a while…we won’t have any blossoms on trees for at least another 6 weeks in my part of the world. The pretty pink colour made me think of the flowering crab apple tree in our front yard and how beautiful it looks for about 2 days each year! I particularly like the detail of the water droplet on one of the petals.

    All that food and so much self-control on your part. It looks so delicious. There’s a unique set of techniques required for great food photography, I think. None of my food photos ever turn out as good as yours. Any resources you’d like to suggest for improving my own food photography?

    I like how you mentioned all the ways that “two” came into your bowling night.


    • Yea I’m a foodie so I’m always taking pics of food. I use my iPhone for all my pics these days. I pose my food and use the zoom instead of having phone close. This helps the camera to focus on the food and blur the background.
      With bowling it was after that I realized how many times 2 appeared. Lol


  4. OK I want to hang out with you, if even for a DAY. Willy Wonka??? A totally cool Uncle??? Peaches? Whoopie Pies, Oysters and bacon!???? And you are fun too with the bowling. You rock!


  5. Love the 2pm matinee with the two of you! Great idea! I’m not sure I could control myself enough to just each two of those red velvet whoopee pies!


  6. A nice take on this month’s theme. Those whoopie pies look really good… but I’d have to distance myself from them! And a nice photo of you and your uncle!


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