A is for Accidentally #AtoZChallenge #ABCofRomance



Accidentally Flirting with the CEO (Books 1-3) (Whirlwind Romance Series) ♥♥♥


Alexa accidentally sends a racy email to her hot boss Jesse (Jess).

Jess was four things. Tall. Dark. Lean. Sexy.”

 Jess is attracted to Alexa but as his employee and knowing it violates company policy, he does nothing to act on this attraction.

As long as Alexa was his employee, any type of personal relationship was out of the question.”

 That does not stop him from fantasizing though.

 “Jess wanted her is more positions than just his account manager.”

From the accidental email, it was a surprise to know that she felt the same way. This changes things and he is trying to figure out how they can explore the relationship without causing problems at work. Adding to the complexity of the situation, Jess’ sister has an instant dislike towards Alexa.


Have you ever accidentally send an email to wrong person?

Not that you should try this if you have a crush on your boss, but it made an interesting story nonetheless. While the story was short, I thought it was evenly paced to keep my interest.

I liked Alexa and wanted her to have a happy ending. Learning her back story was somber, but it said a lot about her as to what type of person she was.

I understand why Jess wanted to hide the relationship. People would get the wrong idea as to why Alexa got promoted. Office gossip can be brutal.

Jess’ sister annoyed me. She was so overbearing like she was his mother.

It was a while before I realized that the book was the first in a series. That is a good thing. While the story continues, the author gives me the choice to decide if I want to read more without ending the book on a cliffhanger. I am surprised they said “love” so soon.

Should you buy? Yes. While cliquey, it was fun and the hero/heroine had great interaction. I might get the next book in the series to see if Jess’ sister gets a man. I believe that a little love in anyone’s life will mellow them out.

Book details from Goodreads
Kindle Edition, 48 pages
Published May 2012 by Shadonna Richards
Original title Accidentally Flirting with the CEO
series Whirlwind Romance #1
Available on Amazon (link is for the complete set since I can’t find the link for that one book)





3 thoughts on “A is for Accidentally #AtoZChallenge #ABCofRomance

  1. Hi, I enjoyed your book review for the “A” day of the A to Z Challenge. Did that really say “48 pages”? That is a short book. I wonder if the rest of the series is that brief. It sounded interesting. Thanks for sharing it.


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