Photo Blogging #Challenge April 2015 theme: #Family #friends #photoblog

April 2015

April’s theme for the photo blogging challenge hosted by was Friends and Family.

The hardest part about this was deciding which pictures to use. I love my friends and family. We are always doing things and taking pictures. I wanted to have fun and be different, so I did not go for the usual poses for the most part.

Photo #1
I attended a religous congregational gathering/party and the reason was “just because”. We ate, laughed, and enjoyed each other company. The children ran around outside, yelling and screaming, joyfully being kids. One of the friends in our congregation is a baker and made the cake in the picture. He decorated it to delight of the children. The inside was a 4-layered tres leches (three milks cake). I forgot to take a picture of the inside, but trust me it was good. So delish!


Photo #2
Our wedding anniversary is in April. We celebrated four years. Hubby’s gift to me was this pendant from a jeweler we know. I have always wanted an initials pendant and this year I got one. I got hubby a tablet. He was just as pleased with his gift 🙂


Photo #3
On our anniversary weekend, we went to Mayfield Dairy in Georgia. They are known for their yellow milk jugs (supposed to prevent vitamin loss in the milk). We took a tour and saw how milk is pasteurized, how chocolate milk is made, and how the jugs are filled and packaged to deliver to the stores. Afterwards, we had some delicious Mayfield ice cream. There were so many flavors to choose from. I chose butter pecan. I recommend going for a tour. It is inexpensive and interesting. If you have children, they will enjoy seeing how milk gets from the cow to the store.
1160 Broadway Ave —  Braselton, GA 30517  — 706-654-9180 | 888-298-0396


Photo #4
My Nana wanted to go shopping for some new shoes. To put this into perspective, she is 92 years old. While she is quite mobile, she is legally blind. She lost most of her vision late in life and is not happy about it. The grumpiness manifests itself in many different ways, most often through her wisecracks. It makes every shopping trip so much fun. Plus, we entertain anyone within hearing distance. After trying on 15 pairs of shoes, she decided to buy these. She likes these because they do not look like  “old lady shoes”. I told her that she is at the age that she could wear old lady shoes. She disagreed.


Photo #5
My work family had a team participating in the local Dancing with the Stars, a dance competition to benefit the non-profit organization Beyond Abuse ( I was on the team of dancers that enthusiastically performed our hearts out last Saturday night. Our team won the People Choice award and the award for most money raised by a team. The dance competition was enjoyable, but it was also fun to practice with work colleagues over the last few months to get ready for the event. We were happy to play a part in assisting the agency raise the funds they need to operate. I did not take a picture of our group but I was able to get a picture of some of the decor.



I had a fun filled month and cannot wait to see what May will bring 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Photo Blogging #Challenge April 2015 theme: #Family #friends #photoblog

  1. What wonderful pictures!!!!! Picture wise I think my favorite is the cake. Story wise??? The whole shoe story!!!! You made me laugh out loud!


  2. The tour of the dairy factory sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I like your choice of flavors as well. A good butter pecan ice cream is well worth it.


  3. I enjoyed the back story accompanying each photo. You’ve conveyed so beautifully some very special moments with family and friends this month. I hope I’ve got the same attitude as your Nana a few decades down the road. She sounds inspiring and fun!


  4. I appreciate your approach to the theme. It was very different from what I and many others did, so a fresh and new interpretation is always nice to see. Nice job 🙂


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