Day 3 #Favorite #quote – #livelovesimplechallenge


Favorite Quote

First let me say that this challenge is harder than I thought. It is easy for me to share my opinions. But to share my feelings? I am a few days behind.

For my favorite quote, I could not pick just one.

I love Bible quotes because I can relate. The quotes that I picked are not overtly religious and the message is applicable in so many different ways.

I like the words at Proverbs 14:15 because it is important for people not to believe everything they hear. If more people would investigate matters before jumping to a conclusion based off of misleading information, I think the world would be a better place.

I like Proverbs 19:1 because it speaks to how I need to stay grounded and true to my beliefs no matter what. This is my motto especially at work. Honesty is the best policy even when being honest is not easy. Everything will eventually work out and I will have a clear conscience.

I am doing this blog challenge in support of my friend and fellow blogger Sarah from Not Your Average Sardines  . Go visit her site because she has a lot of nice posts.


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