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Billionaire Undone: The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Travis (Volume 6)



Travis is a billionaire executive who is described as “too serious, too somber, and completely humorless”.

Ally (Allison) is the his administrative assistant who is very competent considering she works for the “billionaire boss from hell”. However she is feeling less than confident when she finds out her fiancé is cheating on her while she has been working two jobs to put him through school.

When Travis finds out Ally is single, he determined to let her know how he really feels. Ally, on the other hand, is not sure if this relationship is a fling or the real deal.


When I read Billionaire’s Salvation (Max and Mia’s story), I wanted to know more about Travis. He stole ever scene for me. I think I was obsessed with him. I figured his story would be with Ally the secretary who changed his ringtone (that never gets old). However, that brief glimpse into his personality could not prepare me him. For their story.

I thought I knew how their story was going to be. I thought this would be another variation of the cliché theme: billionaire/secretary romance. I have read so many and I am usually like “That’s sweet” or “That’s cute”.

THIS was fresh and unexpected. It caught me off guard and I loved it.

Travis is an overbearing, take-charge alpha male. And I LOVE him so much. Why? This was not a guy who was stalking her from the shadows (like Simon). He worked with her every day for 4 years and got grumpier by the minute because she was his obsession. He knew she was engaged to be married so he did not make a move.

When he knew she was single…he moved in quickly to make sure she was his for real.

He went from being a bear to being gentle as a lamb (still overbearing alpha male though).

I guess I just wanted to make you smile at me.” – Travis

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Ally knew all of his secrets but loved him anyway. Even though she fell hard for him, she was not a pushover. Just because they had explosive chemistry, Ally was not going to fall in line because Travis was her boss.

Yes she was his obsession.

His intensity would overwhelm her.”

But he need not worry.

She had the same ferocious carnal need as he did.”

The book was scorching hot and I love, love Travis.

Makes me almost want to try to work for a billionaire to recreate this romance.

Almost…then I remember I am married and this is fantasy.

Should you buy? Unequivocally yes! I read this book 3 times in 2 months. When the book was finished I did not want it to end. J.S. Scott did a fantastic job with the storyline so it is very entertaining.

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3 thoughts on “Love my billionaire undone #romance #obsessionseries

    • I think that a good male lead in a Romance novel shows that the attraction is not all physical. He also demonstrates that he is totally committed to the woman.I am equal opportunity when it comes to relationships in real life and in romance world, in that I think both people need to show their hundred percent commitment for the relationship to be successful.
      The best romance novels from me you are the ones where the characters are in the situation instead help to reveal their personality traits and their character. This creates the foundation for which love can blossom into a long-lasting relationship. That is to say, I do not believe in love at first sight.

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