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Ridge Brothers Bear Shifters Series #shifterromance #KU

Ridge Brothers Bear Shifters Series

Damon + Kinsley
Everett + Chloe
Cash + Zoe
Austin + Ellie

Each book is about 100 pages and follow a very similar format.

Bear gets whiff of mate and goes crazy to find her.
Predictably when he shifts back to human form, he’s naked but definitely unafraid.

Instalove is not my favorite because it takes away the romance. Shifter insta-love is supposed to remove the doubt that there will be a HFA.

There is no falling in love with the person for who they are. Its SNAP! You are in love because the universe said so. No matter that you just met. The characters do not know each other but “lets bone!” and “I love you forever”.

There was some age difference between most couples. The heroines were between 18-24 and the heroes were around 30 years old.

In the last book, Austin is 52 and Ellie is 18. I refused to read that book. I don’t care how much of a silver fox he is! I wanted to say, “Find a woman your own age Austin! Your soulmate was NOT born after your daughter.” And why does she have to be a virgin but he obviously did not wait for his soulmate. At least in the other stories, they were each other’s firsts. That made the stories more tolerable.

TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
BORROW. The series was full of instalove and ridiculous situations but if you like bear shifter romances, you will find it entertaining. It is available on Kindle Unlimited.

Book details
Series: Ridge Brothers Bear Shifters
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Print Length: around 100 pages each story

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I married a Dragon by Beverly Rae #romance #whattoread #bookaddict #dragonshifter

I Married a Dragon (Para-mates)


Chrissy Taylor doesn’t believe in a lot of things. Her life, and her career as a supernatural myth-buster, are ruled by logic and skepticism. Love at first sight? Forget it—until she’s swept off her feet by Mr. Tall, Dark and Mysterious.

The next thing she knows, she’s done the most illogical thing imaginable: run off to Vegas for a quickie marriage. And Mr. TD&M’s insatiable hunger for her body is starting to feel suspiciously like an attempt to make her the one thing she fears most. Pregnant.

Even though Kaine sets Chrissy’s world on fire—literally—she can’t resist embarking on her toughest debunking mission yet. She must unearth the truth about her new husband before desire consumes the last of her reason.

Kaine Delcaluca is withholding the fact that he’s a dragon, but time is of the essence. He desperately needs an heir to save his dynasty. Plus, he has an even bigger problem. The Scepter of Fire, the only weapon powerful enough to kill a dragon, has gone missing. If he fails to find it—and knock up his new bride—within the next few days, his people are doomed…

Warning: Sizzles with graphic language, set-the-sheets-on-fire sex, and snarky personal assistant machines.

The pace of the story was so fast. Chrissy meets Kaine and it is love at first sight. After meeting him and learning his name, it seems that they run off to Vegas to get married.

Chrissy and Kaine’s whirlwind romance meant that they did not discuss any of the important topics that could be deal breakers. A few days into their honeymoon, Kaine is telling her that he is trying to get her pregnant.

Image result for say what meme

In Kaine’s defense, he did try to tell Chrissy some things but she thought he was not being serious.

The story was told from the POV of Chrissy. She was mildly annoying to me. I thought that Chrissy could have taken to heart the adage “curiosity killed the cat” because she got herself into some sticky situations because she was too inquisitive and impulsive. It is okay to ask questions but think before leaping!

As a side point, I keep saying that I don’t prefer first POV, but it seems authors love writing in that style. I wish that they would say in the blurb so that I could mentally prepare myself ahead of time.

Overall, it was a mostly fun story and everything gets resolved.

TOW Final Word: Buy, Borrow, Pass?
This is more of a BORROW or BUY AT A THRIFT STORE if you like dragon shifter romances.

Book details
Series: Paramates
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥
Print Length: 272 pages

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Solstice Burn by Kym Grosso #instaromance #RomanceNovella

Solstice Burn by Kym Grosso



Penny is on vacation in a tropical location after breaking up with her cheating boyfriend. Chase rescues Penny when she gets a little claustrophobic while snorkeling. There is attraction, but they both know it cannot continue when they return home. He lives in San Diego and she lives in New York.

So what else is left to do?

Enjoy vacation and act out every fantasy.


This is a typical vacation fling romance. Penny is done being safe and is throwing caution the wind by having a sleeping with a stranger on the first date (well little sleeping was actually done).

Chase is a thrill seeker trying to push Penny past her limits, supposedly for her own good. For the sake of the story line, the impression is that Penny was too cautious. Played it too safe. I agree she needed to work on her work-life balance, but what is wrong with wanting to look before leaping?

Chase wants Penny to trust him. Why should she? They just met. He is attracted to her body but that does not mean she should grant him so many liberties. At least they used condoms. If he had said something like “I’m clean”, I think I would have screamed and quit reading.

In the end, I was less than satisfied because I had already worked myself into a state of overly concern for Penny’s choices.

I felt that she was doing too much on the rebound. Without giving away the ending, I think some might find it romantic but I thought Chase needed to make more concessions. I have no idea what that might be, but I was grumpy by that point. He was not doing enough to prove his love to me.

Should you buy? I do not know. Others will probably say this book is fine. I think I am being overly critical. The last few books I have read have been cheesy and I think I am getting fed up with the insta-romance, falling deeply in love in a few days for no good reason.

Book details from Goodreads
Print Length: 110 pages
Publisher: MT Carvin Publishing, LLC (June 24, 2015)
Publication Date: June 24, 2015

Available on Amazon


U is for Under #atozchallenge #ABCofRomance @AprilA2Z


Under the Radar (SEAL EXtreme Team Book 3) ♥♥♥


Ty is a SEAL pilot that was shot down in the Artic. No one knows he is down but the hostiles who shot his plane. Now he needs to devise a plan to stay one step ahead before they find him to finish the job.

Holly is a musher with dog sledding tour business but no one is signing up with her. She moved to Alaska to escape a brutal ex-husband. She is caught in a blizzard soon after a moose attacked her dogs.


Before I even get into the review, I have to define “musher”. I did not know what this was. A musher is a person who competes in cross-country races with dog team and sled (from dictionary.com). It is admirable that Holly is trying to make her living in a male oriented business.

This book is an insta-love story with a lovable alpha-male and beaten-but-not-broken heroine. The story follows a consistent format.

When Ty found Holly, he infers a lot about the domestic abuse she suffered from the scars he saw when he rescued her. He went into protective mode.

If she were mine, I’d show her what it is to be adored, treasured.”

Even though they did not know each other very well, their insta-love was basically summed up with this quote

He can tell a lot about a person by the way she treated her animals.”

She was willing to drop the pants quickly too because her dogs sensed he was a good man.

I do not recommend solely using your pets as a guide to determine if a guy has no ulterior motives in real life though. I do believe there is a lot to be said about how a person treats animals, older people, and anyone in the service industry.  But committing to a guy because he gave your dog a bone? That might be taking it too far.

Should you buy? It was entertaining. There was one sad part, but overall, it was fast paced with decent dialogue.

Book details from Goodreads
Kindle Edition, 118 pages
Published December 16th 2014 by Kimberley Troutte

Available on Amazon

G is for Going #atozchallenge #ABCofRomance @AprilA2Z

Going Down (Holding Out For a Hero Book 1) ♥♥

Eleanor (Ellie) is from Chicago but is hiding in Oregon from her drug trafficking ex-boyfriend and the dirty cop making threats against her life.

Tyson is the sheriff in the small town in Oregon where Eleanor ends up staying. He is attracted to her but is suspicious because her story does not add it.

The story was okay. The trope girl-on-run-falls-for-law-enforcement was overdone. Maybe I am jaded because I read a lot of books, but there was nothing new.

Tyson is so intrigued by her secrets that he cannot keep his hands out of her pants…

This turns to love a few days later.

It is funny to me that in these types of books, the policeman is so sure of his judgement of the heroine’s character. The girl is acting suspiciously and her story seems like she invented on the spot.

Dude, you are blinded by lust.

Another thing, I did not like Tyson. He was supposed to be the law-abiding man who could get kinky with his lady. I do not mind kink, but something about his character put me off, like he was too grimy for my taste. I actually read the book twice because I was trying to identify what exactly it was that I did not like about him. Logically, it would seem that I should have liked him especially when he said stuff like:

I can go from vanilla to red velvet in under ten seconds.” -Tyson

Maybe it was the insta-love. After 1 day, he is already taking her to meet his family?

Should you buy? If you can get it on sale, it is not terribly bad. It is a time filler but do not expect too much in relationship development. If you like the girl-on-run-falls-for-law-enforcement trope, then this will appeal to you. The love scenes were (to borrow Tyson’s expression) more red velvet than vanilla. That might appeal to you.

Book details from Goodreads
Kindle Edition, 105 pages
Published July 20th 2010 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (first published July 17th 2010)
Series Holding Out for A Hero #1

Available on Amazon