Try It Tuesday: Dietary Supplements #vitamins #multiminerals


I am sure that everyone is supposed to be taking vitamins of some sort. We rarely get all of our required nutrients through our diet.

I have tried several and here are my opinions based on how it worked for me. I am not a doctor, so this is in no way medical advice.

Vita Melts Hair-Skin-Nails 

According to the package, it contributes to healthy hair, skin, and nails because of biotin. Vitamin C supports collagen production.

TOW Opinion: These taste good, like candy. However, after 2 months of taking these religiously, I saw no improvement. My nails were still splitting. This may not work for nail growth, but I continued to take as a Vitamin C supplement.


Phillips Colon Health Daily Probiotics Caps

The claims are that the capsules help defend against constipation, diarrhea, gas, and bloating.

TOW Opinion: To be honest, I don’t know why I bought this since I do not have any digestive issues. In any case, I think this works as they claimed. I think if a person really has digestive problems, this is worth a try.

Martha Stewart Essentials Vegetarian Multivitamin Gummies

The product claims to be delicious gummies that support, nurture and protect the entire body. Flavor includes apple and apple juice powder, grape seed, carrot, tomato, broccoli, spinach, kale, strawberry juice, raspberry juice, blueberry juice, tart cherry, pomegranate seed and cranberry juice.

TOW Opinion: I love Martha Stewart and I love gummy vitamins, so I thought this would be a winner. Unfortunately, the mineral flavor was too strong for my palate. These gummies tasted like medicine tossed in sugar. I gave up trying to eat these.

Martha Stewart Essentials Hair, Skin and Nails Supplement

The product claims that it nourishes and strengthens the delicate tissue that keeps hair, skin, and nails looking radiant.

TOW Opinion: I think this was the best vitamin supplement that I tried! After about a month of using this product, I could tell that the splitting on my nails was minimal. I could not tell a difference in my skin, but since I was taking it for my nails, I was thrilled. My stylist did say that she noticed less breakage and shedding of my hair. All in all, this gets two thumbs up from me 🙂


Office Supply Marker showdown #tryitTuesday


For this month’s Try It Tuesday, it is an office supply marker showdown.

I love office supplies. Pens. Markers. Pencils. Paper. Notebooks. I love it all.

When it comes to buying markers, my favorite brand is Sharpie.

When I saw Bic Markit on sale, I thought that they were just as good at Sharpie (at least they looked that way a first glance).

In the beginning, it seemed that Bic markers were a great, inexpensive alternative. They wrote just as smoothly. The permanent ink did not fade. I could write on any surface type. Both are available in many different colors and widths. 

Here is the thing. I buy so many markers because I like to have one whenever I need one. They are in my car, by the bed, in the office, in the kitchen and living room. Some of my markers are 5 or more years old.


 My SHARPIE markers have never failed me as long as I keep the top on tightly (which I do).

 My Bic Markit markers (which are not as old as the Sharpie) were dried out when I went to use them. I was in shock. This was not supposed to happen. Markers are not supposed to have an expiration date. When I use all the ink in the marker, I understand. But these were new out of the pack. Granted the pack was 3 years old, but I never had an issue with Sharpies drying out.

 Despite the fact that the BIC markers were cheaper, they lost MAJOR points because they dried out before I had a chance to use them. 

Office Supplies Showdown Winner: SHARPIE

As Seen on TV Wrist Wallets #tryitTuesday


I am starting a new feature called “Try It Tuesday”. It will be the second Tuesday of each month. This feature is all about product reviews.


Wrist Wallets – As Seen On TV


This is a zippered wrist pouch. Not much else.

I wanted to a Phubby but none were available on Amazon Prime, so I thought this would suffice. It was a 3 pack for $10. Not exactly a bargain but I needed it for an event I was going to be in that next weekend.

It looks exactly like the picture but the size is misrepresented.

They said it could hold a small cell phone and mp3 players. They need to put a caveat saying “Only if you have that Motorola Razor from 2005”. The pouch barely was big enough to fit a credit card.

They should have said “Can hold cash OR a credit card OR one small car key. Nothing else.”

I was not impressed.

TOW Verdict: Pass on this unless you need a small pocket for a key and a few dollar bills. Probably best used by little kids.

As Seen on TV #Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer/Cutter #productreview



This month’s post is about a product that I am sure the beginner foodie probably has been looking to buy for their kitchen.

I am the type of person that finds comfort in carbs. I know that is not the best for my waistline.

I have been looking for ways to increase my vegetable intake and reduce my carbs. One of the best ways to do this is by finding vegetables to substitute for bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta.

I consider myself to be a logical person. So when I watch info-commercials, I try use logic to determine how much is hype and how much is actual truth about the product. They want you to “Call Now” and say “But wait! There’s more!” I am skeptical most of the time. However, on occasion my interest is sufficiently peaked that I want to try the product.

That is what happened with the As Seen on TV Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer/Cutter. I thought the concept seemed easy enough. I am of the opinion that I can never have too many kitchen gadgets. Ignoring hubby’s eye rolling and snide comments about yet another gadget, I bought mine at a store in the “As Seen on TV” section. It also available on Amazon.
If you have not heard of it, here is how they describe it from the website

  •  The Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer turns veggies into healthy spaghetti instantly!
  • Perfect, delicious pasta without the carbs
  • Versatile kitchen tool makes veggie spaghetti, stir-fries, juliennes and more
  • Great for zucchini, squash, carrots, cucumbers and potatoes
  • Spiral slicer has dual stainless-steel cutting blades for thick or thin pasta strands

I love my Veggetti! My first attempt at spiralizing was zucchini. It was so easy. I ended up tossing the zucchini style pasta (aka zoodles) with marinara sauce and leftover roasted veggies for a quick, easy filling dinner. I could not convince hubby to try the “pasta” though (I am not surprised- tried to get him to eat spaghetti squash once and it was met with a similar resistance).

I did learn that I need to spin a while and then stop. Otherwise I have 2 feet long zoodles. It’s endless spaghetti! In the time it took me to reheat my spaghetti sauce, I had a plate full of zoodles.

They say you can slice potatoes and I tried using sweet potatoes. The results were not what I had hoped. I guess it was probably the circumference of the potato that caused me not to be able to get a good grip while spinning. Instead of long strands like what I had with the squash, I had little half inch pieces. I sautéed those in a little olive oil with onions and called it sweet potato hash. It was tasty so I cannot complain, but I would not go so far as to say that the Veggetti is versatile.

As you can tell, they say it is great for “zucchini, squash, carrots, cucumbers and potatoes”. All of these vegetables are cylindrical. From a practical standpoint, I already told you my experience with the potatoes. I have not tried to noodle-ize carrots but I think you should not try this with small or skinny carrots. It would be probably be difficult to grip the carrot while trying to spin at the same time.

So now, I am energized to keep spiralizing as much as possible, I found a website with recipes. She has a more advanced spiralizer though. I am going to try to make her sweet potato “rice” one of these days. For now, I am sticking with preparing all of the squash “pasta” dishes.

The Opinionated Woman’s verdict: Great for making noodles out of long, cylindrical, softer vegetables, but not as versatile as advertised. Zucchini and carrots are the easiest for me. But for everything else, I probably need a different gadget.

Influenster #FreshIsFierce #Carefree VoxBox

I received an Influenster voxbox that contained panty liners made by Carefree.

Any men reading this right now, I understand if you want to skip over the rest of this post or even close it out if you do not want to hear more about a product that is designed to suit a specific feminine need. However, I will say that the women in your life might appreciate if you brought this home.

I received the panty liners as part of Carefree’s “Fresh is Fierce” campaign. I recorded a video review for this product as well and posted that to Youtube.

In case you do not have time to watch the video, I extol the benefits of Carefree Acti-fresh Body shape. These are unscented liners that are claimed to be “so thin and absorbent, you’ll forget you’re wearing a liner.”

Carefree Acti-fresh Body shape liners live up to the claims!

  • I did forget I was wearing a liner.
  • The liner was absorbent and neutralized any hint of odor.

TOW opinion: Great product! The claims are not exaggerated. This is the thinnest liner I have ever used and it works. I was skeptical at first, but they made a believer out of me.

More about Influenster? Influester is a community of individuals that receive products to try for free. In exchange for trying the product, influensters will share their reviews on all forms of social media ( Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and blog). The purpose is to provide consumers with enough information so that they can make educated purchasing decisions. If you would like to become a part of the Influenster community, click here.