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Bachelor Undone – a Kimani Romance

Bachelor Undone (Kimani Romance)

I was looking for a Brenda Jackson book so that I could get my romance novel fix from an author who does a good job of presenting the characters in a somewhat believable way without making the story line too corny. Instead of a Westmoreland book, I chose a Kimani romance. Darcelle “Darcy” and York Ellis are the main characters. Darcy is a city planner that is taking a much needed vacation in Jamaica. York is a security consulting expert on the job working for a client shooting a film in Jamaica.

Not surprising, Darcy and York have history. Her best friend is married to one of his god-brothers.

After an unhappy first marriage, Darcy immersed herself in work. Now she is taking a vacation and looking for some fun. Her plan is to get her “groove back” and indulge in an island romance.

York is in Jamaica on business but gets sidetracked by the fact that Darcy is there. Darcy is looking for some excitement, but York seems to take issue with the attention other men are showing her. This is humorous for the reader but confusing for York since he is supposed to the ultimate bachelor that will never succumb to tying the knot. While York sorts out his feelings for Darcy, she is trying to figure out what it is about him that makes her always want to be contrary. She has to ask herself if a relationship with York really be that bad. Even if they don’t have romantic liaison, what is preventing them from being friends? When they stop being argumentative with one another, they realize that they actually like each other and have a lot of similar traits.

Bachelor Undone (Kimani Romance) is fun. I like that it is not really a love-at-first-sight novel. Since the characters have history, it allows them to draw from previous experiences to help them to understand their attraction and develop their romantic relationship. Both characters are feisty and opinionated in their own right, which makes for a lively story. If you like any of Brenda Jackson’s other novels, I recommend you read this one also.