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Romance Novel Review: Spontaneous – Brenda Jackson

Sparks fly early in for the maid of honor Kimani and best man Duan Westmoreland. After a very steamy night, they share a cab on the way to the airport and Kimani confesses that she needs a fake fiancé. Private Investigator Duan is happy to oblige, especially after learning that the man Kimani’s mom is about to marry was suspected of murdering his two ex-wives.

Their story is so much fun especially since there is so much inner conflict as they try to rationalize the things they do and the emotions they feel while reminding themselves mentally that the engagement is only for show. This is supposed to be a pretend engagement, but they cannot ignore the connection that they share is more than just about the physical.

Adding to the drama is Kimani’s mother’s constant search for love, Kimani’s career plans, and Duan’s hesitance to admit that he is hooked.

In the end, their love causes them to engage in some really spontaneous behavior!

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