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Relax at Oakhill Country Inn in Franklin NC

Oakhill Country Inn – Bed and Breakfast , Franklin NC

I made another visit to the Oakhill Country Inn – Bed and Breakfast in Franklin NC. I could not stay away. I was craving the tranquility, peace, and quiet. Plus, I wanted to take some better pictures so you can get an idea of how great this place it.

This time, I spent a longer vacation here, which gave me time to explore more of the home, relax, and unwind. As usual, I loved the breakfast. It was simple but delicious.
One day, I walked around the property. There is a moderately steep hill in the backyard. I thought that there was a creek at the bottom, but I did not get that far. I decided I was exerting myself too much for a leisurely vacation and returned to the house where I could lounge around and read a book.

I love Connie’s (the innkeeper) attention to detail with setting the table. Using fine china plates and teacups made me feel like a special guest.

I think the pictures speak for themselves, showing the personality of Oakhill Country Inn. This is my favorite B&B. I want to try others in the area to compare, but I am hesitant, thinking that they will not live up to the high expectations that I am accustomed to having.


Livingston – Franklin NC

Livingston Bar & Grill
Franklin, NC

I went with my Nana to Franklin NC to visit a bed and breakfast. After a day of sightseeing, we wanted a nice dinner. Franklin does not have a lot of chain style restaurants, which was fine with me. Livingston Bar & Grill had a lot of delicious looking Caribbean items on the menu, including many vegetarian entrees. Nana and I decided on Conch Fritters with Key lime mustard sauce ($9) and Cuban Style Pork plate – mojo (pronounced mo-ho) marinated pork served over coconut rice, black beans and fried plantain ($18).

The key lime mustard sauce flavors could have been more developed. The mix sounds good on paper, but did not come through when I tasted it. Fortunately for us, the conch fritters were delicious and did not need any dipping sauce. The batter for the fritters was lightly fried with conch chucks throughout. I was pleased since the last time I had fritters this good, I was in the Bahamas. Who knew I would be able to get conch fritters in the mountains of North Carolina?

The Cuban style pork plate was enough for two people (this is why we shared a plate). I ordered this to-go and received heaping portions of rice with pork piled on top. There were several slices of sweet caramelized fried ripe plantain which balanced the salty, vinegary flavor of the pork. The coconut rice has bits of coconut in it, but it was not sweet to me. The black beans probably absorbed any possible sweetness in the rice.

Overall, everything was very tasty. I would eat here again. I like their interpretation of Caribbean flavors and ingredient combinations. If you are in Franklin NC or just passing through, Livingston Bar & Grill is worth a visit.

Bed and Breakfast in Franklin NC: Oakhill Country Inn

I like going to Bed and Breakfast Inns because they are relaxing and the breakfast is usually really, really delicious. I was looking for a nice B&B that was not too expensive and decided on Oak Hill Country Inn in Franklin NC. The Inn is located on a hill that is a little off of the main road. It is located in a residential area that is quiet. I needed my GPS to find the place because I was not familiar with Franklin.

Once I arrived, the first person I met was Connie. She was very hospitable, warm and friendly. I was excited about my visit. It was at that point that I saw the cat lounging on the sofa. I was a little hesitant because I was not sure how temperamental this cat would be. Over the course of the day though, the cat proved to be somewhat friendly too (or rather as sociable as a cat could be).

I was in the Amethyst room. It was decorated in true B&B Victorian fashion. The bed was so comfortable. However, for the better part of the day since my arrival, I lounged outside in the hammock on the porch and read one of the romance novels from Connie’s bookcase. I did not see any of the other guests during my lounging period. It was a truly relaxing afternoon. Later that evening I got a cup of tea and chatted some more with Connie.

In the morning, bright and early (I think it was about 8am), I went to the table for breakfast. Connie cooked a feast with French toast, bacon and eggs along with grapes and cantaloupe. There was also streusel coffee cake. By the time I decided to take a picture, I had eaten everything but the grapes and cantaloupe.

There is something to be said about the B&B experience. There are 10-12 people who do not know each other, sitting together and enjoying a meal. Even if you are not a sociable person, the relaxed atmosphere can incite even the most reticent person to open up. By the end of breakfast, everyone is usually sated from eating and in a pleasant mood because of the great time talking.

Overall, Connie (I did not meet Michael on my visit) was an excellent hostess. The accommodations were all that I could have hoped they would be. And the breakfast was so delicious, I wanted to stay another night just to eat again.

Oak Hill Country Inn
Innkeepers: Connie and Michael Grubermann
1689 Old Murphy Road, Franklin, North Carolina 28734
(828) 349-9194